What is Barebone computer and how they differ from normal personal computers?

Barebone Computer - Definition and Differences with Personal Computers

barebone computers

By Ravi RD on 04 SEP 2016

Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barebone_computer

A good computer may either break you or make you. But whenever it comes to Barebone computer, it will always make you. After all these high-tech machines are specially build for performance and enduring jobs. Barebone computers are now choice of professional gamers, big business industries and IT & networking industries. As most people are not aware of Barebone PCs.

In this article I am going to explain briefly components and structure of Barebone PCs and what makes it different from normal computers.

Barebone is term used to describe a partially built personal computer, or a computer system that consist only the essential components such as power supply, motherboard, memory etc. that allows it to operate. Barebone computers are normally chosen by users who only needs the basic components and because they want to make their own choice for other additional high-tech devices like CPU, monitors, keyboard etc. These computer or computer system are also known as base system.

When contemplating buying a brand new Barebone computer, make sure it has all the components you required before purchase. Also, if you are planning to purchase additional components such as mouse and keyboard, make sure to look in market as well. A company may sell Barebone computers at low price but may have increased price on all other computer components.

As described above, the Barebone computer consists of many essential hardware components that must required to operate it. It includes


One of the most important entity of any Barebone computer is frame or chassis, which is shell and skeleton of the computer system. The frame provides space and brackets (yeah just like vehicle have chassis and frame) & equipment on the inside for the installation of hardware components.


The motherboard, which can be considered as backbone of the base system. All the hardware components or devices are directly connected to the mother board defining it the CPUs and other Add-on devices the system supports. The selection of motherboard is grueling task for anyone as it is also most important component of the system.

Power Supply

The third and imperative component is power supply. Without power supply of course no computer will function. Most devices and components installed in computers system receive the power directly from the power source.

Every Barebone system possessed of all three components and sometimes you can add devices like CD/DVD ROM, fan for cooling as an external component. Barebone should have installed with key features (hardware components) as described above will function always well. There are many styles in which barebone system is available, i.e. barebone laptops, barebone mini pc, booksize barebones, tower barebone and mini cube barebone.

Book Size Barenone

Main feature of this style is its slim and sharp look. This style have customer designed motherboard and the power supply to get along with this style.

Mini cube Barebone

Mini cube barebone also provides ample amount of space for cooling fan & CD/DVD ROM. Despite of being half or even less tall as tower barebones it provides good inside room.

As I described in above description barebone PC really differ from conventional personal computers. After all they all are made for performance and to take the PC industries to the new lever of high-tech machine. You won't have different options available when buying a typical personal computer but when it comes to barebone PC each and every components and devices are specific of your choice and requirement, best thing about barebone PC and barebone laptop is that they are extremely customizable & upgradable it to the pinnacle of performance.



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