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Facebook Hack: Improve your delivery business online and on social media

Facebook Hack: Improve your delivery business online and on social media
Submitted by IncludeHelp, on May 12, 2019

Getting systems to run accurately in place at the office is one of the most satisfying feelings you can have. The thing is, everybody has their way of working, and you cannot be everywhere at the same time. Or, can you?


Well, the highly acclaimed Cocospy that millions of satisfied customers will attest to certainly will try to make you be everywhere, every time with its Cocospy. Once you install this monitoring app, you will know where any of your staff is, what they are doing and how they are conducting their work, without having to root or jailbreak the phone.

Keeping your customers happy

You started your delivery business to serve people by filling a need that you noticed was lacking. It is important to reflect all your activities to satisfy the customers that you succeed in recruiting. Happy customers can become loyal customers and long-term buyers and cheerleaders of your services.

How customers buy from you?

People make purchases all the time over the internet. Everyone is so busy that going out to physical shops is not necessary with the success of online shopping. E-commerce is convenient for shoppers. Your staff has to convince customers that your product is the better option. Your Facebook will be a powerful channel to handle customers.

Having Cocospy installed in your business Facebook page will allow you to see the nature of the communication between staff and customers. You will review how successfully they follow your sales instructions. You will monitor how efficiently your staff performs to lock in sales. Follow this link to know how to hack Facebook with Cocospy.

cocospy 2

Delivery of goods

The delivery arm of your business has to get to the customer on time and with the right purchases. Say your business promises to deliver customers their orders within 30 minutes of your staff has confirmed an order. Your customers may be livid with your service if they get their order delivered later than agreed, especially if they lose out on their situation because they were not punctual.

You can keep track of your delivery staff by tracking their phone location and analyze where there are delays on the route. Or, if in fact, your staff detoured to somewhere that resulted in the delayed delivery. Cocospy will use GPS tracking on smartphones and deliver to your dashboard the time stamps off locations so that you can investigate to cause for delay.

Customer service

Your delivery business will have a customer care team to handle queries and complaints. These are mostly done over the phone, and the team follows a script for different situations. You can monitor that the team is following the correct scripts and only giving out the right information to customers.

Once you have installed Cocospy on your business phones, you could be on the opposite side of the continent and still follow all customer service action on your dashboard. Since it does not adversely affect the phone connectivity, nor does it need to be rooted, you can listen-in and examine if the service is efficient. If the service is falling short, you can quickly identify the training needs and continue using Cocospy, which is recognized by Forbes, TechRadar, iGeeksBlog and New York Times, among others.

After sales

After your customer has made their purchases, what your team needs to do is follow-up with them and find out if they need any advice, assistance, more parts, etc. After sales service is all about keeping your customers happy, and hopefully, they will return to make a new purchase. Maybe even recommend your business to a neighbor or friend.

For instance, you will want your courier service to have as many customers near each other as possible so that you do not incur huge transportation bills. This is a sensible financial plan. You can monitor if the after-sales service team is following through with any sales leads from satisfied customers. You can asses all your after-sales activities.

Planning your deliveries

Having a delivery business requires you to know where your delivery teams are at any given time. You can monitor them easily with Cocospy Phone Location Tracker and identify which ones have strayed from their designated markets and routes. Long and short distance deliveries work best when they have advance planning.

Making deliveries of smaller items in dense traffic areas may require you to use bicycle riders who can weave in and out of the standstill traffic jams. However, they will not be efficient to make deliveries in the suburbs where distances are spread out. One cyclist can deliver to hundreds of customers in a block of skyscrapers within an hour, but will only manage perhaps two deliveries out in the suburbs at the same time.

Why the Cocospy Mobile Location Tracking is resourceful?

First of all, it is easy to install and easy to use the dashboard that displays all the monitored data. You have the added advantage that it will not interrupt and hinder how the mobile phone will work, making you confident that you are not disrupting your business. You will be able to choose to locate your phone through GPS data or Wi-Fi, and you can examine the historical data of all the locations the phone has been.

For any delivery business, knowing where any of your staff are and what they are doing, in real time is vital for your managing your logistics costs. It cannot be overstated how reliable Cocospy Location tracking is and how discretely it works.

cocospy 3


Running a delivery business does require the monitoring of many systems, and if your deliveries spread all over a country and large geographical area, you will need to run a tight ship. The query that will be raised the most is about where the parcel has reached.

Don't worry; you can confidently answer regardless of how large or small is your fleet. You can be in touch with every aspect of your business by using the Cocospy mobile phone monitoring app. This means that you'll be able to make decisions that will improve your business all around.

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