Python solved programs with Output and Explanation

This section contains solved programs in Python with Logic to implement, output and expiations.

List of Python solved programs

Python basic programs

  1. Python | Printing different messages by using different variations of print() method.
  2. Python | Printing different values (integer, float, string, Boolean).
  3. Python | Declare different types of variables, print their values, types and Ids.
  4. Python | Typecasting Input to Integer, Float.
  5. Python | Program to define an integer value and print it.
  6. Python | Input two integers and find their addition.
  7. Python | Some of the examples of simple if else.
  8. Python | Input age and check eligibility for voting.
  9. Python | Find largest of three number using nested if else.
  10. Python | Calculate discount based on the sale amount.
  11. Python | Calculate discount based on the sale amount using Nested if else.
  12. Python | Example of Ternary Operator
  13. Python | Design a simple calculator using if elif (just like switch case)
  14. Python | Demonstrate an example of for loop
  15. Python | Demonstrate an example of for each loop
  16. Python | Examples of loops (based on their control)
  17. Python | Some of the Examples of loops
  18. Python | Demonstrate an Example of break statement
  19. Python | Demonstrate an Example of continue statement
  20. Python | Demonstrate an Example of pass statement
  21. Python | Program to print numbers from N to 1 (use range() with reverse order).
  22. Python | Print all numbers between 1 to 1000 which are divisible by 7 and must not be divisible by 5.
  23. Python | Calculate square of a given number (3 different ways).
  24. Python | Find factorial of a given number (2 different ways).
  25. Python | Write functions to find square and cube of a given number.
  26. Python | Declare any variable without assigning any value.
  27. Python | Write a function to find sum of two integral numbers in string format.
  28. Python | BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator.
  29. Python | Program to print Odd and Even numbers from the list of integers.
  30. Python | Program to print Palindrome numbers from the given list.
  31. Python | Compute the net amount of a bank account based on the transactions.
  32. Python | Count total number of bits in a number.
  33. Python | Generate random number using numpy library.

Python Class and Object programs

  1. Python | Create Employee Class
  2. Python | Create Employee Class with Constructor and Destructor


  1. Python | Program to declare and print a list.
  2. Python | Program for Adding, removing elements in the list.
  3. Python | Program to print a list using ‘FOR and IN’ loop.
  4. Python | Program to add an element at specified index in a list.
  5. Python | Program to remove first occurrence of a given element in the list.
  6. Python | Remove all occurrences a given element from the list.
  7. Python | Program to remove all elements in a range from the List.
  8. Python | Program to sort the elements of given list in Ascending and Descending Order.
  9. Python | Program to find the differences of two lists.
  10. Python | Program to Print the index of first matched element of a list.
  11. Python | Program to find the position of minimum and maximum elements of a list.
  12. Python | Program to input, append and print the list elements.
  13. Python | Program to remove duplicate elements from the list.
  14. Python | Program to Create two lists with EVEN numbers and ODD numbers from a list.
  15. Python | Program to print all numbers which are divisible by M and N in the List.
  16. Python | Create a list from the specified start to end index of another list.
  17. Python | Create three lists of numbers, their squares and cubes.
  18. Python | Create two lists with first half and second half elements of a list.
  19. Python | Iterate a list in reverse order.
  20. Python | print list after removing EVEN numbers.
  21. Python | print list after removing ODD numbers.
  22. Python | Input comma separated elements, convert into list and print.
  23. Python | Convert a string to integers list.
  24. Using List as Stack in Python.
  25. Python | Extend a list using + Operator.

Python string programs

  1. Python | Declare, assign and print the string (Different ways).
  2. Python | Access and print characters from the string.
  3. Python | Program to print words with their length of a string.
  4. Python | Print EVEN length words.
  5. Python | Count vowels in a string.
  6. Python | Passing string value to the function.
  7. Python | Create multiple copies of a string by using multiplication operator.
  8. Python | Appending text at the end of the string using += Operator.
  9. Python | Concatenate two strings and assign in another string by using + operator.
  10. Python | Check if a substring presents in a string using 'in' operator
  11. Python | Assign Hexadecimal values in the string and print it in the string format
  12. Python | How to print double quotes with the string variable?
  13. Python | Ignoring escape sequences in the string

Python dictionary programs

  1. Python | Generate dictionary of numbers and their squares (i, i*i) from 1 to N

Python Class and Object programs

  1. Python | Demonstrate an example of Class and Object
  2. Python | Simple program of a class (Input and print a number)
  3. Public variables in Python
  4. Python | Create Employee class with some attributes and methods
  5. Python | Example to implement destructor and constructors using __del__() and __init__()
  6. Python | Example to implement Getters and Setters in a class
  7. Python | Implementing setters and getters with the help of properties
  8. Python | Implement Abstraction using Abstract class
  9. Python | Implement Interface using class

Python3 programs

  1. Design Traditional and Magic Calculator in Python3


  1. Python | Create a line plot using matplotlib.pyplot
  2. Python | Create a bar chart using matplotlib.pyplot
  3. Python | Create a bar graph with using matplotlib.pyplot
  4. Python | Create a stacked bar using matplotlib.pyplot
  5. Python | Create a scatter plot using matplotlib.pyplot
  6. Python | Create pie-chat using matplotlib.pyplot
  7. Python | Create stack plot using matplotlib.pyplot

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