Scala programming language tutorial

Scala - Introduction

Scala programming language tutorial – This section contains step by step tutorial of scala programming language.

In this Scala tutorial, you will learn all important functions and features of Scala that will help you become a successful Scala developer. In this tutorial, will provide you detailed with example content on each e topic of Scala. This tutorial can be used by beginners who need to start their careers as Scala developers and this tutorial can also be useful for professionals.

Scala, the short form of Scalable language developed by Martin Odersky in 2003. Scala is a general-purpose programming language that supports both object-oriented as well as a functional programming paradigm. There are many reasons why Java developers should learn Scala and its interoperability with Java and multi-paradigm feature make at the best choice.

Scala - Overview

Scala - Basics

Scala - Control statements

Scala - Functions

Scala - Arrays

Scala - Lists

  1. List in Scala | Complete tutorial on Scala List
  2. Creating a list in Scala
  3. Scala ListBuffer – Creating Mutable List
  4. How to add elements to a List in Scala?
  5. How to get the first element of the list in Scala?
  6. Getting a random element from a list of elements in Scala
  7. Getting multiple, unique, random elements from a list of elements in Scala
  8. How to shuffle (randomize) a list in Scala?
  9. Appending an Element at the end of List in Scala
  10. How to delete elements from a list in Scala?
  11. How to flatten a List of List in Scala?
  12. How to merge lists in Scala?
  13. How to convert List to Map in Scala?
  14. How to convert a list to option in Scala?
  15. Scala List Concatenation: ++ vs ::: operators, which is better?
  16. Difference between Sequence and List in Scala
  17. Scala list programs
  18. How to convert a Java list of characters to Traversable in Scala?

Scala - Strings

Scala - Classes and Objects

Scala - Collections

Scala - Sets

Scala - Tuples

Scala - Date and Time

Scala - Exceptions

Scala - Maps

Scala - Pattern Matching

Scala - Threading

Scala - File Handling

Scala - 'Math' Class


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