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C program to print 'Rhombus' pattern

In this C program, we are implementing logic to print Rhombus pattern using asterisks and loops (nested loops).
Submitted by Shamikh Faraz, on February 16, 2018

Consider the program, to print ‘Rhombus’ pattern

C program

#include <stdio.h>  

int main() {  
	int a,b,c, rows;

	printf("Enter the number of rows\t");
	scanf("%d", &rows);  

	for(a=1; a<=rows; a++) 
		// Print margin spaces before the stars in each row  
		for(b=a; b<rows; b++) 
			printf(" ");  

		// Print spaces after the stars in each row 
		for(c=1; c<=rows; c++) 
		//goes to next line after each row  
	return 0;  


Output - rhombus pattern programs in C

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