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Data Structure programs using C and C++ - Solved Data Structure programs.

Data Structure Examples / Programs using C and C++ - This section contains solved programs using C and C++ on Data Structure concepts like Sorting (Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Selection Sort), Searching (Linear/sequential Search, Binary Search), Stack Implementation using Array, Linked list, Link List Implementation (Singly, Doubly Linked List), Queue and De-Queue Implementation.

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List of Data Structure programs...

  1. Quick Sort in C++ with Algorithm, Example.
  2. Merge Sort in C++ with Example.
  3. Counting Sort with C++ Example.
  4. Implement shell sort using C++ program.
  5. Dijkstra’s Algorithm: Explanation and Implementation with C++ program.
  6. C++ print Postorder traversal from Preorder and Inorder traversal of a tree.
  7. Infix To Postfix Conversion Using Stack [with C program].
  8. Evaluation of Postfix Expressions Using Stack [with C program].
  9. Maximum Sum Helix path (using C++ program).
  10. Tower of Hanoi using recursion (C++ program).
  11. Find in-order Successor and Predecessor in a BST using C++ program.
  12. Implement in-order traversal using C++ program.
  13. Implement post-order traversal using C++ program.
  14. Implement pre-order traversal using C++ program.

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