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C program to define Macro to find minimum of two numbers

By: IncludeHelp On 27 DEC 2016

Here, we will learn how to define a Macro that will take arguments to find minimum of two numbers?

Here is the Macro

#define MIN(x,y) ((x<y)?x:y)

Here, MIN is the Macro name x and y are the arguments. When program will compile, actual arguments which will be passed into the MIN Macro.

The code segment ((x<y)?x:y) will be replaced as ((a<b)?a:b (a and b are the actual arguments in the below written program) instead of Macro calling MIN(a,b).


#include <stdio.h>

#define MIN(x,y) ((x<y)?x:y)

int main()
	int a,b,min;
	printf("Enter first number: ");
	printf("Enter second number: ");
	printf("Minimum number is: %d\n",min);
	return 0;


Enter first number: 100 
Enter second number: 200
Minimum number is: 100