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What are the differences between OOPS and OOBS?

Learn: What are the main differences between Object Oriented Programming System (OOPS) and Object Oriented Based System (OOBS)?

OOPS stands for "Object Oriented Programming System" while OOBS stands for "Object Oriented Based System".

OOPS and OOBS both a program design techniques. It is basically used for manage large projects, where code size is very large.

Differenced between OOPS and OOBS

  1. OOPS stands for object oriented programming system while OOBS stands for Object based programming language.
  2. A language that support only objects and classes are called object based language. Such languages do not support feature like inheritance and polymorphism.
  3. A language that supports objects, classes, inheritance, and polymorphism is known as object oriented programming language.
  4. Visual basic is an example of object based language. Whereas visual C++ is an example of object oriented language.
  5. There are three types of OOPS:
    • Poor OOPS
    • True OOPS
    • Pure OOPS
  6. C++ is example of poor OOPS, actually in C++, we can access private data member outside the class using pointers and friend function.
  7. Java and C# are example of True oops.
  8. ADA and SMALLTALK are example of Pure oops.

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