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Core Java Example Programs for Beginners and Professionals
"Anybody can Code in Java"

Core Java Example Programs - In this section you will find Solved Example Programs on Core Java for your practices, these programs are very important and most searched on the internet. Available each program contains their explanation, output with compile and run command.

Java is a platform independent Object Oriented programming Language, Java program can be run on any platform that contains platform specific JVM. Java compiler generate an intermediate BYTE Code that can run on any JVM – its JVM responsibility to convert byte code into machine code.

Core Java syntaxes are similar to C and C++ syntaxes and if you are familiar with C and C++ then you can easily learn and understand these programs.

List of all Core Java Example Programs

  1. Java program for Addition of Two Numbers.
  2. Java program to Swap two numbers.
  3. Java program for Calculator.
  4. Java program to find Largest of Three Numbers.
  5. Java program to calculate Simple Interest.
  6. EMI Calculator in Java - Java program to calculate EMI.
  7. Java program to calculate Perimeter of Circle.
  8. Java program to find Area of Circle.
  9. Java program to find Area of Rectangle.
  10. Java program to find Area of Triangle.
  11. Java program for Fibonacci Series.
  12. Java program for Factorial.
  13. Java program for Prime Number.
  14. Java program for Palindrome Number.
  15. Java program to Reverse a Number.
  16. Java program to Reverse a String.
  17. Java program to print EVEN Numbers from 1 to N.
  18. Java program to print ODD Numbers from 1 to N.
  19. Java program to Transpose a Matrix.
  20. Java program to add Two Matrices.
  21. Java program to get input from user.
  22. Java program to get current system date and time.
  23. Java program to get student details.
  24. Java program to get Host Name by IP Address.
  25. Java program to generate random numbers from 0 to given range.
  26. Java program to get list of files, directories from a directory.
  27. Java program to run an application - Run Exe using Java program.
  28. Java program to extract digits/ numbers from the string.
  29. Java program to print all prime numbers from 1 to N.
  30. Java program to count total number of words in a string.
  31. Java program to sort N names (strings) in ascending order.
  32. Java program to count divisors of an integer number.
  33. Java program to get elapsed time in seconds and milliseconds.
  34. Java program to print table of an integer number.
  35. Java program to print used different characters (letters) in a string.

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