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How to become content writer on Include Help?

Include Help is a community blog dedicated to aspiring programmers and budding developers around the world. We’re everything because of the great contributions from the similar interest holders. If you want to become a part of Include Help community and want to show off your technical skills and practical knowledge to the world, we proudly encourage you to write content for us.

We have a wide range of topics in programming languages domain to choose from including C/C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, and PHP along with interview questions and tricky puzzles to write on.

If you are a programmer, developer, designer or anything in between, you can share your content writing skills with our readers. Simply send us a pitch to apply mentioning your details and your areas of interest. Make sure the following things are included in the pitch.

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Country
  4. Areas of Interest

While we tailor the articles for best readership experience, we review article that you will send to us. So clear out some simple content writing checklist before sending your article.

  1. The program should be correct and free of any errors.
  2. Attaching a demo file will be appreciated for articles related to web development.
  3. Explain the code in detail so that every reader can understand it.
  4. Try not to submit articles with grammatical errors or bad English.

If you want to contribute articles, send a mail to info.includehelp@gmail.com

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