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HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery Code Snippets/ Examples

This section contains Source Code Snippets/Examples on HTML, JavaScript, CSS and jQuery. Here you will find most useful and popular source codes.

List of all JavaScript, CSS, jQuery Source Code Snippets/Examples

What is responsive Web Design aka RWD?
Learn: how to make a webpage responsive? In this article we are going to learn to make web design responsive.

Make a drop-cap effect using CSS.
Learn: How to make drop-case effect using CSS? This article contains detailed tutorial to make drop-case effect using CSS.

Creating a loading animation with CSS.
Learn: How to create loading animation in CSS? In this article we are going to learn creating loading animation in CSS, article contains CSS code and DEMO file.

Custom Radio Button Styling with CSS.
In this article, we will learn how to customize radio button styling using CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)?

JavaScript program to create an object from a function.
Learn: Create an object from a function in JavaScript; here we will learn making an object through function.

JavaScript program to split the keywords in the string.
Learn: How to split the keywords in the string using JavaScript code? Here is a program of JavaScript which is used to split string in keywords separated by some delimiters.

JavaScript program to check if the variable is a valid string variable.
This JavaScript program can be used to validate the string, to check whether value of a variable is a string or not.

JavaScript Program to print sum of range with steps.
Learn: How to sum of the numbers through the range function in JavaScript? Range() takes two arguments start and end along with an optional argument step to determine step.

JavaScript Program to create a power function and print the result.
JavaScript program to create a power function that accepts two parameters, base and exponent and prints the final result.

Basic Shapes in CSS.
Learn: How to create basic shapes like circle, rectangle, Triangle, square using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)?

JavaScript to detect whether page is load on Mobile or Desktop.
Learn: How to detect whether the website is being viewed from a Smartphone device or desktop computer.