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Puzzle 6) Magical Scarf

Submitted by Abhishek Jain, on August 05, 2017


A magic rectangular scarf shrinks its length to ½ and width 1/3 whenever its owner makes a wish. After three such wishes, its surface was 1 cm. What was the original width, if the original length was 4 cm?

Important points of puzzle:

  1. The Magical Scarf was rectangular in shape.
  2. After making a wish, its length and width get shrink by ½ and 1/3 respectively.
  3. Owner makes three wishes.
  4. After three wishes, Surface of the scarf gets reduce to 1 cm.
  5. Original length was 4 cm.
  6. TASK: You have to find out the original width of the Scarf.


54 cm


Let, the width of the scarf after three wishes be x’. Now, we have original length of the scarf =4 cm.

After three wishes, length of the scarf will be = 4/2=2/2=1/2

It is given that the surface of reduced scarf is 1 cm.

Therefore, Surface=x’ * length => x’=2*1=2.

The original length of the scarf= x’*3*3*3 = 2*3*3*3 = 54 cm.

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