C programming Basic Input, Output, if else, Ternary Operator based Programs.

In this section, there are unique and logical programs available on Basic Input Output, If else, Conditional Statement (Ternary Operator) based programs. These programs are starts from very basic level to high level. Each program contains source codes, output and explanation of the logic.

List of C programming Basic Input, Output, if else, Ternary Operator based Programs.

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  1. Program to print "Hello World!" / First C program.
  2. Program to find sum and average of two numbers.
  3. C program to find quotient and remainder.
  4. Program to calculate simple interest.
  5. Program to check whether number is EVEN or ODD.
  6. Program to find largest number among three numbers.
  7. Program to find gross salary of an employee.
  8. Program to convert temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa.
  9. Program to calculate X^N (X to the power of N) using pow function.
  10. Program to find the difference of two numbers.
  11. Program to print size of variables using sizeof() operator.
  12. Program to demonstrate examples of escape sequences.
  13. Program to find area and perimeter of circle.
  14. Program to find area of a rectangle.
  15. Program to calculate HCF of two numbers.
  16. Program to multiply two numbers using plus operator.
  17. Program to demonstrate example of global and local scope.
  18. Program to demonstrate example of floor and ceil functions.
  19. C program to read Formatted Time Once through Scanf in C Language.
  20. C program to define, modify and access a global variable.
  21. C program to convert feet to inches.
  22. C program to print value in Decimal, Octal, Hexadecimal using printf.
  23. C program to print ASCII value of entered character.
  24. C program to print How Many Inputs are taken from Keyboard using Scanf?
  25. C Program to calculate Employee and Employer Provident Fund.
  26. C program to set buffer with specific value using memset in C - Example of memset().