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C programming Looping (while, do while, for) programs

Looping is the process by which you can give instruction to the compiler to execute a code segment repeatedly, here you will find programs related to c looping – programs using for, while and do while. Here you will get nested looping (loop within loop) programs.

List of C Looping programs
using while, do while, for

  1. C program to read an integer and print its multiplication table.
  2. C Program to print tables from numbers 1 to 20.
  3. C Program to check entered number is ZERO, POSITIVE or NEGATIVE until user does not want to quit.
  4. C Program to find factorial of a number.
  5. C Program to find sum of first N natural number, N must be taken by the user.
  6. C program to print all prime numbers from 1 to N.
  7. C program to print all even and odd numbers from 1 to N.
  8. C program to print all Armstrong numbers from 1 to N.
  9. C program to print square, cube and square root of all numbers from 1 to N.
  10. C program to print all leap years from 1 to N.
  11. C program to print all upper case and lower case alphabets.
  12. C program to read age of 15 person and count total Baby age, School age and Adult age.

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