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Structure Query Language (SQL) Tutorials, Articles

Latest Articles, Tutorials, Examples on SQL

  1. Transactions (Properties and Control Commands) in SQL.
    In this article, we are going to learn about SQL transactions, its properties and its commands, which are known as Transaction control commands.
  2. SQL INDEX - To speedup data retrieval operations.
    In this article, we are going to learn what is SQL INDEX, how to create and use INDEX in SQL? How it speeds up the data retrieval?
  3. SQL - HAVING Clause.
    SQL - HAVING Clause: Here, we will learn how to use conditions on the groups formed by GROUP BY?
    SQL - BROUP BY and ORDER BY: Here, we will learn how to form records on the basis of certain common elements and Order By to display them in an ascending and descending order.
    SQL - VIEW SQL - DUAL: Here, we will learn what is VIEW, how to create VIEW and how it reflects on the tables?
  6. SQL - WHERE Clause (to filter data).
    SQL - WHERE Clause: Here, we will learn how to filter data from a table (it is used to check conditions).
  7. SQL - ALTER TABLE statement (to modify table definition).
    SQL - ALTER TABLE statement: Here, we will learn how to modify a table’s definition like adding columns, removing columns, changing the data type size etc.
  8. SQL - UPDATE Statement (to update record in table).
    SQL - UPDATE Statement: In this article, we are going to learn how to update a record using ‘UPDATE’ statement in SQL.
  9. SQL - INSERT INTO Statement (to insert/add record into table).
    SQL - INSERT INTO statement: In this article, we are going to learn everything about ‘INSERT INTO’ statement in SQL with syntax and examples.
  10. Difference between Drop and Truncate Command in SQL.
    Learn: What is SQL - DROP command and SQL - TRUNCATE command? What are the differences between them?
  11. Difference between Delete and Truncate Command in SQL.
    Learn: What is SQL- Delete command and SQL – Truncate command? How to differentiate delete and truncate command in SQL, delete v/s truncate in SQL?
  12. SQL - DELETE Statement (to delete records/table).
    SQL - DELETE command: Learn about the DELETE command, its syntax examples etc with queries.
  13. SQL - SELECT Command (to retrieve data from table/view).
    Learn: How to get/fetch selected columns, rows of all columns, row of a table/view using SELECT query?
  14. SQL - CREATE Command (to create Database and Table).
    SQL - CREATE Command: Here, we will learn how to create a database and a table using CREATE command in SQL?
  15. What are the clause, Keywords and statement in SQL?
    Here, we will learn: what are the clauses, keywords and statements in SQL, in a query there are many words used and we have to know which is clause, keyword or statement? So let’s understand in this article.
  16. Introduction to Structure Query Language (SQL).
    Learn: What is SQL (Structure Query Language)? what are the basic terminologies of SQL?

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