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Java program to find the Length of Longest Sequence of 0’s in binary form of a number

In this java program we are going to find the longest sequence of 0’s of binary form of a number.
Submitted by Chandra Shekhar, on January 05, 2018

Given a number, we have to find its longest sequence of 0’s using java program.


    Input: 26
    Binary form: 11010
    Longest Sequence of 0’s: 1

    Input: 5269
    Binary form: 1010010010101
    Longest Sequence of 0’s: 2

Program to find longest sequence of 0’s in Java

import java.util.*;

public class LengthOfLongestSequence
    public static void main(String[] args)
    	// declare and initialize here
    	int Num, rem, quot, i=1, j;
    	int bin_num[] = new int[100];  
    	Scanner SC = new Scanner(System.in);  
    	// enter number here.
    	System.out.print("Enter the number : ");  
    	Num = SC.nextInt();  
    	quot = Num;  
    	// conert into binary number.
    	while(quot != 0)  
    		bin_num[i++] = quot%2;  
    		quot = quot/2;  
		String Str="";
		System.out.print("Binary number is : ");  
		for(j=i-1; j>0; j--)  
			Str = Str + bin_num[j];	
		i = Str.length()-1;
		int length = 0;
		int ctr = 0;
		for(; i>=0; i--) 
				length = Math.max(length, ctr);
				ctr = 0;
		length = Math.max(length, ctr);
		System.out.println("\nLength of the longest sequence: "+length);


    First run:
    Enter the number : 26
    Binary number is : 11010
    Length of the longest sequence: 1

    Second run:
    Enter the number : 5269
    Binary number is : 1010010010101
    Length of the longest sequence: 2

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