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Preeti Jain

Technical Content Writer @ IncludeHelp

Preeti Jain
Name Preeti Jain
Age 26
Qualification MCA
College MITS Gwalior
Academics 8.04 (CGPA)
Interest Operating System, Data Structure, Database, Competitive Programming Languages C/ C++, Java (Core),Oracle beginners, others (HTML/HTML (5), CSS/ CSS (3), Bootstrap, Materialize)
Other skills WordPress, Laravel

Her submissions


  1. What is static import in java?
  2. Why java does not support multiple inheritances?
  3. Thread pool in java, how to create it?
  4. What is Deadlock, how to analyze and avoid it in java?
  5. Why string is immutable or final in java?
  6. Explain java ArrayList and its methods.
  7. Explain OutOfMemory Error in java.
  8. Convert String to byte array and vice versa in java.
  9. Thread Scheduler and Time Slicing in Java.
  10. How can we achieve Thread Safety in java?
  11. Convert string lowercase to uppercase and vice versa without using library function in java.
  12. How to create daemon thread in java?
  13. Thread properties in java.
  14. What will happen if we don't override thread class run() method in java?
  15. Differences between User Thread and Daemon Thread in Java.
  16. Explain Inner class in java.
  17. Difference between Process and Thread in java.
  18. Explain life cycle of a thread in java.
  19. What are the differences between path and classpath in java?
  20. What are the differences between Heap and Stack Memory in Java?
  21. Why java is platform independent?
  22. Why java is not pure object oriented programming language?
  23. Marker Interface in Java.
  24. What are the differences between abstraction and encapsulation?
  25. What are the differences between abstract class and interface?
  26. Compare ArrayList and LinkedList in Java.
  27. Compare array and ArrayList in Java.
  28. Java - Difference between float and double.
  29. Java - Difference between throw and throws.
  30. Java - Difference between next() and nextLine() methods.
  31. Explain JDK and JRE.
  32. Compare final, finally and finalize() in java.
  33. Compare Array and Collection in Java.
  34. Disadvantages/ Limitations of Object Arrays in Java.

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