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Manu Jemini

Technical Content Writer @ IncludeHelp


I am computer science student pursuing bachelors of engineering from Maharana Pratap college of technology, Gwalior.

I am dedicatedly interested in learning new programming languages to make my code more efficient and simple.

I am specifically more interested in web development and sngle page application. My favorite languages are JAVA and NODE.js.

Manu Jemini

His submissions


  1. Sorting using Address Calculation Sort.
  2. Complete algorithm of Quick Sort in Data Structure.
  3. How shell sort works and how to sort an array by using shell sort?
  4. Drop a MYSQL table by using Node.js.
  5. Select data using identical field from MYSQL table by using Node.js.
  6. Node.js - Optimal Performance Part -2.
  7. Node.js - Optimal Performance Part -1.
  8. Express Server Security in Node.js.
  9. Display data from two different tables in MYSQL table by using Node.js.
  10. How to create login form in Node.js?
  11. How to create signup form in Node.js?
  12. Search record with a pattern from MYSQL table by using Node.js.
  13. How to use EJS with Express in Node.js?
  14. Route parameters in Express.js (Node.js).
  15. Using Session in Express.js (Node.js).
  16. Search record with two fields from MYSQL table by using Node.js.
  17. Creating a pool of connection in Node.js.
  18. Count number of records in MYSQL table by using Node.js.
  19. Update data of MYSQL table by using Node.js.
  20. Delete data from MYSQL table by using Node.js.
  21. Show data from MYSQL table by using Node.js.
  22. Insert data in MYSQL table by using Node.js.
  23. Create another table in same MySQL database by using Node.js.
  24. Create table in MySQL database by using Node.js.
  25. Create MYSQL database by using Node.js.
  26. Node.js Formidable Module-3.
  27. Node.js Formidable Module-2.
  28. Node.js Formidable Module-1.
  29. How do I read a file in node.js using readFile?
  30. How to send data in JSON format from server?
  31. URL (Uniform Resource Locator) module in node.js.
  32. Post Request in Express.js (Node.js).
  33. Say 'Hello, World' from server by Express.js (Node.js).
  34. Head start to create an Express.js project.


  1. Save data using SharedPreferences in Android.
  2. How to Switch on WIFI service in Android?
  3. How to parse XML file in Android?
  4. How to create an emulator in Android Studio?
  5. Compose mail from your Android Device.
  6. Make a call by using Intent.ACTION_CALL in Android.
  7. Create Webview inside Android Application.
  8. Switching between two images in Android.
  9. How to share something on social media from your Android Device?
  10. Progress Bar in Android Application.
  11. How to generate a notification in an Android device?
  12. Implement process circle in Android.
  13. Write file using FileOutputStream class in Android.
  14. How to change image view color using bitmap in Android?
  15. How to get motion touch co-ordinates in Android?
  16. How to get co-ordinates of touch points on screen in Android?
  17. How to check and turn on the device Bluetooth in Android?
  18. Generate backup on Google backup services in Android.
  19. Implement auto complete in Android.
  20. Change the device mode on Silent in Android?
  21. How to set your device on Vibrate mode in Android?
  22. How to set your device on Ring/Normal mode in Android?
  23. How to show audio mode of device in Android?
  24. Slide image to XScale in Android (animation).
  25. Move image on a particular axis in Android (animation).
  26. Blink image for an infinite count in Android (animation).
  27. Fade image for a particular duration in Android (animation).
  28. Rotate the image in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction in Android (animation).
  29. Implementing gestures in Android.
  30. How to use Custom made fonts in Android?
  31. How to use ClipboardManager to ClipData in Android?
  32. BatteryManager and its properties in Android?
  33. Showing list of all paired devices in Android.
  34. How to know Charging mode in Android?
  35. How to zoom the image in Android (animation).
  36. Toast the result of dialog in Android.
  37. Android - Set Listener on item of a list setOnClickListener.
  38. Android - List view - setOnItemClickListener.
  39. Android - Independent view (1) setOnClickListener.
  40. Pre-defined Login activity in Android Studio.
  41. How to use full screen activity in android studio?
  42. How to use bundle class for passing data of any type in Android?
  43. Sending data on server through an Android Application.
  44. Android Application Connectivity with the Server.
  45. Android Tabbed Activity - 2.
  46. Android Tabbed Activity - 1.
  47. Android Fill a List with an Array.
  48. Create a new Activity in Android Studio.
  49. How to create a project in Android Studio?
  50. ImageView in Android.
  51. Android Relative Layout.
  52. Create a Layout with Linear orientation.
  53. Grid Layout in Android.
  54. Layouts - Linear Layout Formation in Android.
  55. How to work on Intent (part-2) in Android?
  56. How to work on Intent (part-1) in Android?
  57. How to create a ListView in Android?
  58. Working with Image Button in Android.
  59. How to create a GridView in Android?
  60. A general Form design with specific fields in Android.
  61. Working with Dialog (part-2) in Android.
  62. Working with Dialog (part-1) in Android.
  63. How to define string for whole project in Android?
  64. Initiate an analog Clock in Android.
  65. Android - Signup and Sign in (login) and Sign out (logout) with codes.
  66. Android - setOnCheckedChangeListener for Radio Buttons.
  67. Android - setOnCheckedChangeListener for checkbox.
  68. Android - How to get value of EditText?
  69. Android - setOnClickListener Method, how does it work?

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