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Advance C programs - Solved C Language Programming Examples

This section contains solved advance C language programming examples with output and explanation. Before learning these programs please visit basic c categories programs on related topic. These programs contain tricks and advance logics, hope these programs will help you to increase capabilities of solving problems.

List of Advance C programs - Solved C Language Programming Examples

  1. Find element which occur ODD time in an array using O(n) time and O(1) space in C.
    Given an array with n elements, all the elements occur even times except one element Write a C++/C program to find out that one element in O(n) time and using O(1) space.
  2. C program to find class of an IP Address.
    This program will print the class of a given (user input) IP address.
  3. Stringizing Operator in C - Program to print variable name in C.
    This program will print the variable name using stringizing operator.
  4. Function Pointer example program in C programming.
    This program demonstrate an example of function pointer in c programming language.
  5. C program to get current System Date and Time in Linux.
  6. C program to implement gotoxy(),clrscr(),getch(),getche() for GCC, Linux.
  7. C program to find the size of a file in Linux.
  8. C program to get Process Id and Parent Process Id in Linux.
  9. fork() function explanation and examples in Linux C.
  10. C program to Get Computer System IP Address in Linux.
  11. C program to Set Computer System IP Address in Linux.

  12. C program to design flying characters Screen Saver.
  13. C program to design a TIC TAC TOE game.
  14. Age Calculator (C program to calculate age).
  15. C program to design love calculator.
  16. C program to guess a random number.

  17. C program to check given string is a valid IPv4 address or not.
  18. C program to convert String into Hexadecimal.
  19. C program to demonstrate example of Variable Arguments.
  20. C program to store time in an integer variable.
  21. C program to store date in an integer variable.
  22. C program to remove consecutive repeated characters from string.
  23. C program to create your own header file.
  24. EMI Calculator (C program to calculate EMI).
  25. C program to validate date (Check date is valid or not).
  26. C program to format/extract ip address octets.
  27. C program to implement substring function.
  28. C program to design a digital clock.
  29. C program to convert hexadecimal Byte to integer.
  30. C program to extract bytes from an integer (Hexadecimal) value.
  31. C program to print character without using format specifiers.
  32. C program to find Binary Addition and Binary Subtraction.
  33. C program to print weekday of given date.
  34. C program to calculate compound interest.