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Function Pointer example program in C programming.

A function pointer is a pointer variable that can store address of a function and then using the function pointer we can call initialized function in our program.

Function Pointer Example using C program

Declaration of function pointer

return_type (*fun_pointer_name)(argument_type_list);

Initialization of function pointer

fun_pointer_name= &function_name;
fun_pointer_name= function_name;

Calling of function pointer


Declaration with Initialization

return_type (*fun_pointer_name)(argument_type_list)= &function_name;
Consider the example
/*function pointer example in c.*/

#include <stdio.h>

//function: sum, will return sum of two
//integer numbers
int addTwoNumbers(int x,int y)
	return x+y;

int main()
	int a,b,sum;
	//function pointer declaration
	int (*ptr_sum)(int,int);
	//function initialisation
	//function calling
	printf("Sum is: %d\n",sum);
	return 0;

    Sum is: 30

int addTwoNumbers(int x,int y);

This function will take two integer arguments and returns addition of those numbers.

int (*ptr_sum)(int,int);

This is the declaration of the function pointer for addTwoNumbers function.


This statement is initializing the function pointer with address of function addTwoNumbers.


This statement is the calling the function ptr_sum and ptr_sum will point to the addTwoNumbers.

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