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The lunch delivery guy is a self-driving Robot

The lunch delivery guy is a self-driving Robot

As we all know that now a day the Computer Science industry has taken a paradigm shift and now Artificial Intelligence is ruling all over the cosmos and here is one of the example for that the battle for the food delivery problems has been solved now yes with the help of this maverick alternative delivery guy, which is a tiny Robot. US-based autonomous delivery startup Starship Technologies has developed a six-wheeled self-driving robot that can deliver the food on demand of customers within 3 kilometer radius and the company claims that their bots can deliver the food within 15-30 minutes how cool is that right!

According to Starship Technologies,

"We believe our robots will revolutionise local delivery. Our engineering expertise and the experience of co-founding Skype, enables us to make this reality."

Well these revolutionary self-driving robots are like boons for the society and especially for office guys like it happens so many times you don’t want to go to eat food outside so the problem has been solved by this robot just order whatever you like to have and it’ll reach you within 30 minutes. And the best part is that as these robots are tiny and compact in structure so it wouldn’t be stuck in traffic like sometimes your food delivery guy brings your food late because of the traffic. So off course these tiny compact bots are revolution for the local deliveries.

Starship Technologies have headquarters in London, just announced its first large-scale deployment of autonomous delivery robots on corporate and academic campuses across the US and Europe. Robots have already started ferrying items from food to office supplies at intuit in Mountain View, and the company plans to roll out 1,000 vehicles by the end of 2018.


Written by Aleesha Ali, on May 03, 2018

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