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Frequently asked C Programs for interview

Frequently asked C Programs for Interview: Here is the list of most important/ frequently asked c programs in interviews.

IncludeHelp has a large collection of solved c programs, c++ programs, java programs, Data Structure programs, Scala programs, VB.Net programs.

Here we are providing a list of most asked interview programs of c programming language, if you are looking for a job or job changed. We would recommend, you should learn all these programs.

These programs will help you to crack technical round of the interview, even c programming interview. We selected these programs from available list of the solved programs. Some program contains tough logic and some are based on tricks.

These programs will be helpful to freshers and experienced both; even if you are not looking for job, you should go through these program to improve your programming skills.

List of most important & commonly asked c programs in interviews...

These are the some of the C programs for interview, practice these programs to prepare for the interview.

  1. C program to find factorial of a number.
  2. Program to swap two bits.
  3. Program to swap two words/nibbles of a byte.
  4. C program to swap two numbers without using third variable.
  5. Program to check whether number is Palindrome or not
  6. Program to check whether number is Perfect square or not
  7. Program to print "Hello World" without using semicolon.
  8. Program to check whether number is Prime or not.
  9. Program to check whether number is palindrome or not.
  10. C program to check whether a number if Armstrong or not.
  11. C program to check whether a number if Even or Odd.
  12. C program to print all leap years from 1 to N.
  13. C program to convert temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.
  14. C program to convert number from Decimal to Binary.
  15. C program to convert number from Binary to Decimal.
  16. Program to compare two strings without using strcmp().
  17. Program to copy string without sing strcpy().
  18. Program to find an element from one dimensional array.
  19. Program to delete an element from one dimensional array.
  20. Program to swap adjacent elements of one dimension array.
  21. Program to transpose a matrix.
  22. Program to multiply two matrices.
  23. Program to print source code as program output.

List of other C programming advanced programs for interview

  1. Stringizing Operator in C - Program to print variable name in C.
  2. Function Pointer example program in C programming.
  3. C program to get current System Date and Time in Linux.
  4. C program to implement gotoxy(),clrscr(),getch(),getche() for GCC, Linux.
  5. C program to find the size of a file in Linux.
  6. C program to get Process Id and Parent Process Id in Linux.
  7. fork() function explanation and examples in Linux C.
  8. C program to Get Computer System IP Address in Linux.
  9. C program to Set Computer System IP Address in Linux.
  10. C program to design flying characters Screen Saver.
  11. C program to design a TIC TAC TOE game.
  12. Age Calculator (C program to calculate age).
  13. C program to design love calculator.
  14. C program to guess a random number.
  15. C program to check given string is a valid IPv4 address or not.
  16. C program to convert String into Hexadecimal.
  17. C program to demonstrate example of Variable Arguments.
  18. C program to store time in an integer variable.
  19. C program to store date in an integer variable.
  20. C program to remove consecutive repeated characters from string.
  21. C program to create your own header file.
  22. EMI Calculator (C program to calculate EMI).
  23. C program to validate date (Check date is valid or not).
  24. C program to format/extract ip address octets.
  25. C program to implement substring function.
  26. C program to design a digital clock.
  27. C program to convert hexadecimal Byte to integer.
  28. C program to extract bytes from an integer (Hexadecimal) value.
  29. C program to print character without using format specifiers.
  30. C program to find Binary Addition and Binary Subtraction.
  31. C program to print weekday of given date.
  32. C program to calculate compound interest.

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