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Database Management Systems (DBMS) Aptitude Questions and Answers

This section contains Aptitude Questions and Answers on all topics of Database Management System (DBMS), these questions have multiple answers and you will have to select one correct answer.

DBMS Aptitude Questions and Answers contains Aptitude Questions and Answers on DBMS Basic Concepts, Keys (Primary, Foreign, Alternative etc) related, ER Model, Relational Model and SQL Aptitude Questions and Answers.

SQL (Structured Query Language) Aptitude Questions and Answers contain Aptitude Questions and Answers on Basic SQL, SQL Query Syntaxes, SQL Query Examples, Advance SQL with Join, Group By, Having Clauses. This section contains many Query Statements.

SQL Aptitude Questions and Answers also contain Aptitude Questions on many sample databases, tables and records.

These questions are Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) type, each question has multiple answers, in which one answer is correct, you have to choose correct answer. Questions also have answer with explanations.

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