Scala Programs

Scala is a programming language developed by Martin Odersky. It came into the market in 2003. Scala Stands for Scalable Language. Scala is a JAVA based programming Language which is much easier to code than Java. So is treated as future replacement of Java in enterprise software development.

Scala programs / examples: This section contains solved Scala programs/examples on the various topics such as basic programs, conditions & control statement-based programs, looping programs, array & string programs, structure programs, function & package-based programs, etc. with examinations and outputs.

10 useful Scala solved programs

Scala Programs Index

Scala Basic Programs

  1. Scala program to print 'Hello World'
  2. Scala program to create the mutable variable
  3. Scala program to create an immutable variable
  4. Scala program to create different types of variables
  5. Scala program to print the value of variables using printf() function
  6. More Scala Basic Programs...

Scala Looping Programs

  1. Scala program to print numbers from 1 to 10 using while, do-while, and for loop
  2. Scala program to implement infinite loop using while and do-while loop
  3. Scala program to demonstrate the nested while and do-while loop
  4. Scala program to demonstrate the break statement in while and do-while loop
  5. Scala program to execute do-while loop at least 1 time on false condition
  6. More Scala Looping Programs ...

Scala Pattern Matching Programs

  1. Scala program to demonstrate the match statement
  2. Scala program to return match case value from a method
  3. Scala program to read a weekday number and print weekday name using match case
  4. Scala program to check the given character is vowel and consonant
  5. Scala program to implement an arithmetic calculator using a match case
  6. More Scala Pattern Matching Programs ...

Scala Array Programs

  1. Array Rotation in Scala
  2. Scala program to find the odd occurrences in an array
  3. Scala program to create strings array
  4. Scala program to convert Array to string
  5. Scala program to convert multiline strings to an array
  6. More Scala Array Programs ...

Scala String Programs

  1. Scala program to reverse a string
  2. How to determine if a string contains a regular expression in Scala?
  3. Scala program to split string
  4. Scala program to convert string to integer
  5. How to count the number of characters in a string in Scala?
  6. More Scala String Programs ...

Scala List Programs

  1. Scala program to remove duplicates from list
  2. How to create a range of characters (Lists, Sequence) in Scala?
  3. How to get the first element of list in Scala?
  4. How to find the last element of a list in Scala?
  5. Program to convert Java List of floats to an Indexed Sequence in Scala
  6. More Scala List Programs ...

Scala scala.math Package Programs

  1. Scala program to find the largest number using scala.math.max() function
  2. Scala program to find the smallest number using scala.math.min() function
  3. Scala program to perform ceiling operation on given number using scala.math.ceil() function
  4. Scala program to perform floor operation on given number using scala.math.floor() function
  5. Scala program to get the natural logarithm of a Double number using scala.math.log() function
  6. More Scala scala.math Package Programs ...

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