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Ruby programs/examples: In this section there are the set of the solved programs/examples of Ruby programming language with output and explanation.

Ruby basic programs

  1. Ruby program to print Hello World!
  2. Ruby program to add two integer numbers
  3. Ruby program to find the area of the rectangle
  4. Ruby program to print power of a number
  5. Ruby program to print Fibonacci series
  6. Ruby program to check whether the given number is prime or not
  7. Ruby program to find factorial of a given number
  8. Ruby program to find number of characters in a string (string length)
  9. Ruby program to reverse a string
  10. Ruby program to count the number of words in a string
  11. Ruby program to print an array as string
  12. Ruby program to check whether a variable is defined or not
  13. Ruby program to check whether the hash contains specified key or not
  14. Ruby program to convert the string into lowercase and uppercase
  15. Ruby program to check whether a string contains a substring or not
  16. Ruby program to generate random numbers
  17. Ruby program to print an array
  18. Ruby program to check whether an element exists in an array or not

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