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Approaches to store the XML Document

In this article, we are going to learn about some of the approaches to store the XML document.
Submitted by Akash Kumar, on November 07, 2018

There have been several approaches that have been proposed to organize the contents of the XML document basically to facilitate the subsequent querying and retrieval have been proposed.

The following are the most common approaches to store the XML document:

1) Using a DBMS to store the document as text

  • An RDBMS can be used to the store the complete XML document as text field within the DBMS records or objects.
  • This approach is basically when DBMS has a special module for processing the XML document, and it can work for storing document-centric XML documents.
  • The keyword indexing function of the document processing can be used to speed up search and retrieval of the documents.

2) Using a DBMS to store the document as data elements

  • This approach will work when we want to store the document that follows a specific XML, DTD schema.
  • Because in such schema all will have the same structure so that one can easily design a relational database to store the leaf-level data elements within the XML documents.
  • This approach basically requires a mapping algorithm to design a database schema that can work comfortably with the XML document structure which is specified in XML schema.
  • These algorithms can be implemented either as an internal DBMS module or as a separate middleware that is not the part of DBMS.

3) Designing a specialized system for storing native XML document

  • Basically, we can design and implement a new database model based on the Hierarchical model such systems are basically known as NATIVE XML DBMS.
  • This system basically includes a data compression technique which will reduce the size of documents while storing it.
  • Dynamic Application Platform of eXcleon provides such facilities.

4) Creating or publishing customized XML documents from preexisting relational database

We know that there are the enormous amount of data that are already stored in relational databases and some of this data we need to be formatted as documents for exchanging or displaying over the web.

In this approach, we basically use a separate middleware software layer to handle the conversion needed between the XML documents and relational databases.


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