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Let’s have a look of traffic and other stats (as on 15th December 2017)

Last 30 days Google Analytics Report

  • Domain purchase date: 06th March 2014
  • Website hosting date (when website went live): 22nd June 2014
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 342,533
  • Monthly page views: 719,576
  • Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 2.33
  • Daily Time on Site: 3:32
  • ALEXA Rank (India): 3,323
  • ALEXA Rank (Global): 42,440
  • Domain authority: 17
  • Home page authority: 23

Ad units that we accept on IncludeHelp!

Ad unit code Type Size Placement
#IH_01 Display Ad 336x280 (Large rectangle) @ right side bar (below the existing ad unit*)
#IH_02 Display Ad 336x280 (Large rectangle) @ after the content (right side of the existing ad unit*)
#IH_03 Display Ad 728x90 (only for desktop) @ below the title
#IH_04 Link Ad One text link @ below the ad unit (which is placed content after the content instead of existing link ad units)
#IH_CZ You’re choice You’re choice You’re choice

* Existing ad units may be removed on advertisers’ request, if they pay well.

Charges (Monthly)

Ad unit code Monthly charges
#IH_CZN/A (will fix after discussion)

Payment Modes

  • For Indian advertisers
    • Direct Bank Transfer
    • Cheque
    • PayTM
  • Out of India
    • Paypal
    • Others that needs to tell us

Note 1): Ad will run on all pages except Home Page (its layout is different from all pages, so need to be discussing with us if advertisers need ad there).

Note 2): Ad will start running within 24 hours after receiving the payment.

That’s it! If you need to discuss anything else or start running advertise on IncludeHelp, write us on '[email protected]' or use contact form.

Please mention Ad unit code (in case of #IH_CZ (customize ad), please define type, size and place).

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