10 Best WordPress SEO Plugin for Beginners

In this article, we are going to learn about the 10 Best WordPress SEO Plugin for Beginners.
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Nowadays finding some good Search engine optimization plugins is a very difficult task and especially when it comes to look for beginners. Many of the SEO plugins are good, it's just that people distinguish them as the best ones because of their experience features provided by them.

Most of the plugins possess too many and complicated functions which are not easy to use especially for beginners or those who are new in this field. It makes it quite difficult for them to understand all the features and then to access them. So let's have a look at top 10 WordPress SEO plugins for beginners.

1) Rank Math

Rank Math is a fast growing SEO plugins for WordPress beginners. It allows you to optimize your website for social media and search engines. It also allows you to import data from other SEO plugins during its setup. This plugin is east to use with beneficial features including meta title, description, graph, sitemap, etc. If you install this plugin for your website, you don't need any other SEO plugin on your site.

With Rank Math SEO plugin, one can add rich snippets of 20 various types, can get a detailed SEO analysis, and can measure all the keywords ranking on their website.


Whether it's the best SEO plugin for beginners or professionals, the Yoast Search engine optimization plugin always ranks number one because of its special and wonderful features. It is also one of the most popular and best WordPress SEO plugins. Not only this, but Yoast is the only plugin which millions of people use mainly big Businessmen.

You can easily create an XML sitemap, can verify the site in tools like Google, can easily create title and Meta description, and can add pages as Yoast offers a meta SEO box to all pages as well as to post.


When it comes to beginners then SEO press is considered as one of the finest and brilliant WordPress SEO plugins. If you are new in this field and don't have much knowledge about which SEO plugin to use or how to access them then, simply SEO press should be your first and last choice. It is a plugin that is very easy to use and powerful in features.

It offers a variety of content analysis with the number of keywords even for users which opt free plan for a demo and then goes to the professional one. The free plans help all beginners to easily access this best SEO plugin for WordPress.


All in one SEO plugin is mainly considered under the most comprehensive WordPress plugin. It does not matter that you are a noob or a pro-all-in-one SEO plugin that always helps you to increase the efficiency of your toolkit just by simply improving your WordPress site.

This plugin is a well-known plugin that has more than 2 million active users and also offers a variety of powerful and functional features which anyone can easily use.


Most people think that this plugin is only useful for competitor analysis but the fact is that it goes up and up in talk when it comes to beginners. Ahrefs is a very useful WordPress SEO plugin which is a toolset for SEO that provides various benefits with off-page functionality too.

With some amazing tools like site explorer, it helps you to check organic search traffic and every website. It can be seen which keyword ranks on which topic and for which website. It is amazing if you use Ahrefs as your WordPress SEO plugin and if you are a beginner then it's a great job for you as well as for the plugin.


The search engine optimization framework plugin easies the tricks for those who always choose a lightweight SEO plugin for WordPress without any ads. SEO framework is most of the time compared with Yoast and is said to be its alternative because of the function and ease it offers for beginners. It is a great plugin that some beginners use when engaged in this field.

This perfect plugin for beginners also has advanced functions which are trending nowadays due to more and more demands of the users. It is an amazing and trustworthy best SEO plugin for WordPress.


Redirection is a wonderful and simplest plugin for implementing 301 redirects which usually occurs on your site's screen. It is super simple for beginners as well as for professionals.

For more professional or for high tech people there is always an option to use regex matching for redirects which reduces redirection, ignores slashes, and ignores URL district parameters. The best thing I like about the redirection plugin is that it is a hundred percent free and does not even have a premium version.


Schema pro is another wonderful and best SEO plugin that is widely used by several beginners in different corners of the world. If you aren't aware of this field or need some excellent plugin for your knowledge then scheme pro is an amazing choice for the number of beginners. It enhances all the crucial functions and knowledge which is great to learn.

This plugin also helps in website markup where the software lets you know how good your pages should look or work. Google understands all the data present on it mainly with the help of this schema pro plugin.


Google search console is absolutely a free tool provided by the team of google to help all the owners of websites to maintain their site performance in or to monitor their site presence in Google search results. It announces when Google is unable to crawl and index your website.

This plugin also helps in showing you which keywords rank for anchor text or like that. Anyone can use this data to have a great search and to rank your website. Google search console is a very useful WordPress SEO plugin for beginners as it offers a beginners guide too which has all the basic materials inside it.


The entire individual who has their website mostly uses the plugins like SEO quake. Search engine optimization quake WordPress plugin is the thing people wish for. It is available on the entire browser from chrome to safari. It offers a piece of great information related to SEO content. SEO quake is an interesting and best WordPress SEO plugin.

SEO quake also became the most downloaded and ranked plugin in the 2019 year. The information it offers is a trusted one. The plugin is best for beginners. Mostly all the plugin like SEO quake provides a beginners guide.

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