5 SEO Hacks to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Here, we are going to learn about the SEO hacks to grow your YouTube channel.
Submitted by IncludeHelp, on NOV 18, 2020

5 SEO Hacks to Grow Your YouTube Channel

With around 30 billion active users each day, and people spending an average of 40 minutes on the app for every time they visit, having a YouTube strategy if you're a YouTuber is a must.

And since Google purchased YouTube back in 2006, giving it great search and keyword abilities and making it the second-largest search engine in the world, SEO is essential to your success and visibility and growing your YouTube Channel organically. Improving YouTube SEO eventually helps in getting good engagement and faster growth of your YouTube video. Users who fail to improve their SEO, look for different sources to buy custom YouTube comments to grow their channel faster.

From online tutorials to shows, podcasts and up-and-coming actors and influencers, optimising YouTube SEO for everyone is very important. But YouTube SEO takes time to create an impact, just as any other.

Let's see the 5 SEO hacks to grow your YouTube channel.

1) Create Video Titles With Specific Niche Related Keywords

A common mistake that new YouTubers make is creating videos without having a keyword in mind.

Once your video is published, it's fighting against top-ranking content and keywords that push your video after the 2nd page of YouTube search. And we all know that when we search, we don't even go on the second page of Google.

Create video titles with keywords that rank and it will surely increase your SEO visibility.

2) Find Keywords with SEO Keyword Tools

The best content marketing and SEO keyword tools can give you an edge over others in your niche. But first, how to find the right keywords for YouTube videos?

That's easy, once you know who your target audience is, you can find keywords that they're most likely to use when searching for content.

You can also use Google. It is a good place to start if you're entirely new to SEO research. Google is also known for constantly changing its algorithms in order to deliver search results more relevant to what people want to find. And since YouTube is owned by Google, using it can help.

Google's "People also ask for" feature can also be optimised for possible topics, and titles for your videos because your target audience has shown interest in them.

So, here are some affordable and free SEO keyword tools you can start using for keyword research:

  • Related Keywords
  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner
  • Moz Keyword Tool
  • Answer the Public

You can also create a Seed Keyword list and use them for your content creation. Seed Keywords are words or phrases that state broad topics in a specific category of topic.

3) Add Links to Your Video Description & Have a Video Backlink Strategy

If you're making a video that requires viewers to see your previous video or any other additional information, you can place the link in the description. It can also be done to direct people to your products, sponsors, services, website, and any other stuff or offers.

Whereas, backlinks, also known as inbound links or incoming links, are when one website links to another. Provide your video's backlinks in related topics blog on your website or guest post.

The same rules of website SEO apply to your video SEO. Backlinks allow you to increase traffic via off-site SEO; it's done through link building. But remember, your video's backlink should be trustworthy, popular, and highly valued for it to drive traffic to your website or anywhere else.

4) Embed Your YouTube Videos

Allow your website visitors to view, share, and comment on your videos without leaving the site itself. It's called video embedding. You can add videos to your written posts like visual tutorials for learners who understand better when they see it.

Once your video is embedded, it's automatically displayed on your website. The viewers can press play, pause, and even share the video without leaving your website page.

5) Use Short Video Titles

Your video titles should be 50 characters or around 7-10 words. The longer the title, the less of it viewers will see when they are searching for content. You should use long-tail keywords in your video titles.

You can still use detailed video descriptions and titles for Google to find your video for relevant and highly-specific long-tail phrases. Just that your title should be fully visible when searching, not half.


Growing your YouTube channel takes time and patience. Every time you share and upload your video content on YouTube, you have to make sure you’re doing it in a way that optimizes your SEO.

As you continue doing this, your channel will not only grow and get more subscribers, views, shares, etc.

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