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Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

By: Vandana Sharma, on 12 JUL 2017

Well present era is an era of Internet! And if I use simple words, it has become an essential thing in our life. But do you know that it can be a boon one time and it can be a curse as well! Let’s learn how?

Advantages of Using Internet

  1. It supports all the online transactions related with Cash or Bank.
  2. It helps to carry out daily communications via Emails, Whatsapp, Google Chat etc.
  3. This sending and receiving of Information has facilitated business activities.
  4. Internet has promoted E-Commerce.
  5. One can easily get anything while sitting at home, through online shopping without wasting time.
  6. Internet has made Education easy and on Hands Experience. One can easily get online lecture notes, videos and direct contents on websites like includehelp.com etc.
  7. Internet helped people to meet on a single platform and get in touched with each other via social Medias such as Face book.
  8. One can easily search and get his dream job online through portals such as Naukri.com and LinkedIn.
  9. Internet has promoted digital marketing which saves time and money both.
  10. One can get easy access to government portals such as paying electricity bill, income tax etc. again leaving behind the chaos of standing in long Queues and waiting for turn.

Disadvantages of Internet

  1. It’s true that internet supports the smooth transfer of funds but again it is insecure.
  2. It becomes wastage of time when one continues to do chat for long hours. Moreover, it has several ill effects on our health too.
  3. Business activities gets affected when internet is slow or when server shuts down.
  4. While doing online shopping, one spends extra money for purchasing unwanted materials, which is again wastage of money.
  5. As internet is also a paid service, it hurts while paying huge bills.
  6. The transaction charges levied by the payment gateway providers reduce the margin of the online sellers.
  7. Due to extra interest on internet, one cannot get connected with family members.
  8. Students and youth get diverted due to the misuse of internet and hence, lose their interest in studies.
  9. Our lives get hanged when our internet connection is down.
  10. We rarely find time for ourselves as we keep ourselves by in checking emails, chatting, business deals etc.

In the end, I would like to sum up this article by suggesting our youth not to get distracted by the internet. It can help us a lot by facilitating our lives but ultimately we should know that anything without limit is harmful! We should stop misusing the internet which actually creates ill effects on our mind and body!

In the end, I wish a safe Internet surfing to all!

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