Benefits Of An AWS Managed Services Provider

By Andy Lipnitski Last updated : October 09, 2023

Launched in 2006, AWS is a leading cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. AWS is used everywhere, from big MNCs to the government sector, to ed-tech, finance and other industries that use this service at a high level.

Users can take advantage of the AWS cloud service in so many ways, like storing data in an online medium rather than one local machine, cost-effective, easy to understand and user-friendly.

What is an AWS Managed Service Provider?

AWS (Amazon Web Service) is a cloud computing online service that helps businesses and companies to store user data in an online medium and easily retrieve them, select them, and delete them from the remote server only rather than wasting their time, money, and labour in managing local machines with all this data.

AWS Managed Service Provider Program is a combination of AWS facilities with management dependency. It provides a solution for AWS users, helps them in their cloud computing journey, design their pattern, integrate operation and provide communication support.

Stats For AWS Managed Service Provider?

  1. As customers are increasing in the AWS cloud sector, the market of AWS MSP also reaches to the next level with it. It is expected that AWS Managed Service Provider will reach US $1789.3 Mn by 2026. AWS MSP is not just managing infrastructure, but it manages the full life cycle of business service.
  2. ASP MSP helps businesses in various ASP operations, it also improvises the understanding of the business potential and performs other AWS practices.

Benefits Of AWS Managed Service Provider?

Security And Scalability

Using AWS Managed Service provides excellent security by monitoring our programs, controlling data redundancy, providing better and stable integrity with the system and server, and preventing other controls. The security controls include more than 150 managed checks and guard details, also services available 24*7 for their users and customers.

With AWS MSP, enterprises can automate their functioning easily and scale their business at double rate. It provides a powerful IT infrastructure that helps businesses to handle day-to-day customer problems.

AWS Expertise

Providing global service to all their customers 24*7 with excellent response and customer-friendly techniques, providing flexible cloud service offerings and following other requirements easily in this rapidly changing environment is one of the major and prominent benefits of AWS MSP.

An AWS MSP Engineer creates, manages, involves all the functionality of AWS cloud running applications to provide the best production and development environment.

Cost Effective

Having a Managed Service Provider(MSP) not only helps to complete your customer requirements but also saves organisation time and cost. MSP IT team provides AWS end-to-end solutions from business to customer stage, helps in planning and executing all the design paths and operations, and provides larger support in automation and optimization.

So outsourcing these services cuts down all the high salary demanding employees, but improves the workflow as they do not integrate with your internal environment.

Regular Backups

Doing regular monitoring of data, updating it, tracking performance and keeping multiple backups is also a prominent feature of AWS MSP. The expert team maintains the performance chart and with its help, it provides great accountability to the organisation.

Unfortunately, the IT teams of small and mid organisations do not have that much skilled employees to keep all the user information up-to-date, but the professional AWS MSP team does wonders in regulating, monitoring, testing, and reporting clients' information. To provide a secure and stable server to the organisation, the backup team always takes care of all the major and minor obstacles, manages infrastructure and provides multiple backups.

Proven Automation and Infrastructure Process

Cloud management strategies if not handled securely and sustainably, then it takes a large amount of time, cost and labour effort. However the team of skilled AWS MSP employees have the right amount of experience and skill to stabilise this process.

They have proper processes and optimised automation and infrastructure techniques, that help businesses to maximise their operation speed and performance.

Improve Operational Efficiency Also

Using AWS Managed Service Provider improves the relationship between client and business, raises performance, easy gathering of data, and increases operational efficiency to the next level.

The IT professional team of MSP focuses on providing more in less time, saves a high amount of cost and increases revenue in the long term. It also decreases the chances of error and failure as no inexperienced persons are working with the company’s projects and data, the MSP team possesses highly qualified skilled individuals.

AWS MSP Is One Step For Revolution?

In the changing and evolving environment, where new technologies are launching daily and storing, collecting, and managing user data becomes a heavy task for companies.

AWS MSP comes as a magic spell - as they manage the AWS cloud sector prominently well, provide flexibility to organisations, with experienced and skilled people who take the challenge of optimising data regularly in this dynamic environment and fulfil the business goal.


Andy Lipnitski, IT Director

Andy started his career in IT in 2005. He has taken part in more than 30 projects as a solution architect, team lead, and project manager. Since 2017, Andrei supervises the effective delivery of managed IT infrastructure, cloud enablement and DevOps services at ScienceSoft.

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