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How to change Default Page in Godaddy Windows Hosting?

I am using Godaddy hosting, when I was uploading website first time the website was not running because of default page configuration issue. So I thought to write this article to help people who are facing such kind of problem.

Here I will tell you how to change default page in Godaddy Windows hosting.

Firstly you have to understand what is default page? - It is a page in your website that will open when you enter your domain name in web browser address bar.

Suppose your website name is www.abc-sample.com and you want to open homepage.aspx on website load. I mean when someone enter www.abc-sample.com , homepage.aspx will be opened.

Here are the steps by following them you can change your default page in godaddy windows hosting:

  1. Login your account.
  2. Go to Web Hosting (Click Manage Button).
  3. Another page will open that will show Domain Names with Hosting.
  4. Click on Manage Button.
  5. Open Web Sever Settings.
  6. Add website's default page at the top in the list.
  7. Then click on OK Button to save the settings.
  8. Now run your website.

Graphical representation of Step 5, 6, 7

Step 5
change default page in godaddy hosting
Step 6
change default page in godaddy windows hosting
Step 7
save after change default page in godaddy windows hosting

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