Coding Pros and Cons That Students Who Want to Take Programming Course Should Know

By Ian Last updated : February 28, 2024

Whether you become a programmer or not depends on your level of passion and career goals. If you never back down from a technical challenge, then you will enjoy becoming a programmer. While the thrill of becoming a programmer is unmatched, it also presents a myriad of challenges that might slow you down. Therefore, before immersing yourself fully in the programming world, it is best to understand the pros and cons that come with this profession. Technology is fast advancing; thus, if you enjoy keeping up with the new tech trends and their functionality, you’ll enjoy a rewarding career as a programmer despite the challenges. Here are some pros and cons you are likely to experience as a programmer.

Pros of Becoming a Programmer

Coding Pros

If you have the right programming skills, you will enjoy every moment of engaging with various programming languages and finding technical solutions. Here are some pros of taking a programming career.

Job Opportunities

There is a wide range of jobs in the programming field, from software development to database administrator, front-end development, and much more. The vast number of occupations you can venture into as a programmer makes the field more flexible and interesting to be in since you can work in different industries. Being tied to one industry can get boring with time, and you may find yourself regretting the career path you chose.

The job opportunities available in the programming field also provide room for career growth since you will be learning new skills and advancing the old ones with every field you venture into. The jobs also have good remuneration rates; thus, you should consider exploring the different occupations once you join the job market.


One reason students seek MBA essay help is having low creativity. You can minimize this by getting involved in activities that boost creativity, such as programming. Programming allows you to explore your creativity by finding solutions to complex problems. Perfecting your programming game equals learning a new language or design. Coding requires you to think critically and apply yourself, thus boosting your creativity. Receiving constant challenges to solve also sparks your creativity level. What’s more, coding requires one to work on various algorithms and errors, which also challenge you to think critically and creatively to come up with quick solutions to the problem. Besides, there are several ways programmers can apply their creativity, especially when designing applications, games, and websites.

You Can Work Remotely

The primary upside of being a programmer is that you can work from anywhere. It means that you don’t have to wake up early to go to the office. Such flexibility allows you to work with your schedule comfortably and even squeeze in time for other activities. Working around your schedule also helps you get various things done, unlike when you are operating at the workplace. Venturing into entrepreneurship as a programmer is also easier since you can work from anywhere, and you might not need much capital that involves renting and furnishing an office space.

Global Community

It is much easier to venture into the global market as a programmer. Your skills are needed anywhere in the world. It means that you can work for global organizations remotely or even travel to where they are. The global community has so much to offer, and you can improve your skills to make you a top-tier professional programmer. Coding skills are applicable in every field, from medicine to finance, legal fields, and much more, especially now that organizations are digitizing their services. For example, you can be hired to design banking apps for global financial institutions.

Cons of Being a Programmer

The coding profession also has various downsides that may be hindering or make your career journey a little bit difficult. Some of the downsides include the following.

Steep Learning Curve

Learning how to become a programmer is not an easy journey, especially for beginners. Learning how to code takes time; thus, you will need to be more patient. If you rush into it, you may face challenges when solving various programming problems. It takes time and practice to become a top-tier programmer; therefore, you will have to learn and unlearn certain things to achieve your objectives.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Coding Pros and Cons That Students Who Want to Take Programming Course

Most of the work you will be doing as a programmer involves sitting in front of a computer for long hours. You will have less time to walk around; therefore, for a better lifestyle, you will have to slot in time for your physical exercise. Working for long hours staring at the computer can leave you tired, but you should not fail to schedule some time to relax. Programmers sometimes tend to forget about self-care to improve their overall wellness. Ensure you spare some time to hang out with friends, go for a jog, and take part in other hobbies that you prefer. Coding is a solitary work and can harm your social life. That is why you need to be intentional about making friends and maintaining healthy relationships.

Job Insecurity

There have been rising concerns about job instability for programmers. The major cause for concern has been the introduction of artificial intelligence tools. Automation of processes is a threat to programmers since AI tools already have preinstalled programming languages. AI tools can code faster and more accurately and adapt faster to new software patterns. With the advancements being made in artificial intelligence, it is becoming problematic that there may be diminishing opportunities for programmers. However, there are still more organizations that need human input for their projects. Such demand means that there is still a place for human software engineers in the tech world.

Summing Up

It is impossible to deny that programming is becoming a career choice for most tech-inclined people. Digital advancements have been both an advantage and disadvantage for programmers. While there are now many tools to use in programming, developments such as artificial intelligence have threatened the programming field, and we are experiencing some layoffs. However, regardless of such challenges, it is still a rewarding career to take since the job market for programming is in a good place right now. Projections also indicate that with technological advancements, this field is expected to grow more in the future. Companies are digitalizing their services, which creates more room for employment opportunities for tech gurus.

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