Developing A Single Page Application With Node.js

In this article, we are going to learn how to develop a single page application with Node.js?
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A single page application is a single page (shocking!) where a bulk of data remains the same, and only some bits get updated. At some point, it may be referred to as a collective term for a technology set to implement a Web app as a single page. Fast-response is quite an eye-catcher. See it as a switch between the screens while the page remains the same.

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The development of SPAs is possible through Javascript frameworks ( React JS., Vue JS., Meteor JS., Angular JS.); Node.js backend platform, or directly with Javascript. The choice is predetermined by the requirements that your business goal sets.

Famous SPA Examples

Seeking for the SPA examples, we may have a look at Gmail. You have probably noticed, when working through, everything remains the same, only the content from your inbox changes.

Also, Netflix is a good example of a Single Page Application. As users, we treasure it mostly for the content ( who does not?), however, the fast functionality offered by SPA features also influences its success among the audience. By the way, Netflix understood the importance of Node js developer expertise. Since, Node. js experience helped them to decrease loading time by 70%.

Less Waiting Is A Key

Therefore, the beauty of the SPA is that in the hectic era we are living in, we get to be spared of some waiting seconds online. Of course, there were times when the messages were delivered via horsemen or doves, and to wait extra several seconds compared to months in the past feels like a daunting experience ( outcome of the plushy fast lives, information-delivery-wise). Yet things are being upgraded daily, so if the SPA concept saves the time on a server rendering the whole page, then why take less.

Users appreciate stuff delivered in a fast mode. Thus, thinking about your next project, consider SPA for dynamic client interaction. We will get deeper into details about the SPA specifics.

SPA Advantages

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Loading speed

As much as it is appreciated by both users and creators to fulfill the business needs, single-page applications, as any other, tech concepts have their pros and cons. Some of the pros have been already mentioned, like loading speed that really soothes down the client';s impatience.

Simpler development and debugging

The developers'; community appreciates working on SPAs because the deployment of those is way simpler in comparison to server-side rendered apps. Also, their development, in general, requires just the building of the components instead of rewriting the whole code. The variety of tools and technologies to implement contributes to pros a lot as well.

Since when developing a single page application, you may be limited to Javascript, however, thanks to Node.js. frontend and backend development coexist perfectly. Being developed on Javascript frameworks provides an easier way to debugging processes since the tools are already included in the frameworks.

Efficiency in terms of slow connection

Users appreciate SPAs, even though sometimes they are not sure what they are using is actually single-page applications since it guarantees a much more efficient user experience due to SPAs consuming fewer bandwidth and being able to function properly in the areas where the internet connection is not in a hurry to satisfy the users'; needs.


From the cost-effective point of view, one may save money due to decreased numbers of servers with no changed traffic amount. This is so because there is no need to send extra requests to the server, and full-drawing is no longer the case.

SPA Disadvantages

A tense relationship with SEO

Some disadvantages are about to be considered as well. Let's start with some tense relationships SPAs have with SEO. The latter one big-time depends on the HTML content because in the case of SPA functionality, things get loaded without any page reloading. That results in no possibility of tracing the content due to having no separate URLs for search engines.

Javascript dependency

Also, some Javascript dependency bothers a lot. If for some reason, Java is disabled, no leveraging of the entire functionalities are possible.

Back button issue

The back button on a single-page application makes the user gets kicked out of the app. It might raise the annoyance level of never wanting to come back.

Security lack

A lack of security adds up to drawbacks. SPAs are more prone to reveal sensitive information without any consent for the process.

Node.js For Developing SAPs

It';s been mentioned not once about quite vast possibilities of developing single-page applications. Here, the article aims at drawing your attention to how to develop SPas using Node js.

First, let's get clear about the concept. According to the Node.js is defined as a well-known Javascript runtime built. Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, utilizing a single programming language for all purposes. Node js backend programming is quite preferred for SPA development since one language simplifies the coding experience.

Moreover, Node.js permits code sharing between frontend and backend apps, alongside server-side rendering. Additionally, Node. js is proven to better handle concurrent requests at a much faster pace in comparison with PHP.

If you feel like you have enough expertise in development then probably further information borrowed from might come in handy. First of all, before getting down to developing the Node.js backend application, install Node.js  together with Node Package Manager. Next, depending on your OS, you will need the following:

Windows and IOS - - download accordingly to the system

Linux: Curl-L| sh.

When Node.js is successfully installed, it's time to choose which framework for Node.js apps will fit the most: Express. js, Meteor. js, Sails, js. etc.

Node.js Expert To Get

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Of course, if you are a bit far from programming, developing, deploying, and testing, then you might benefit from hiring Node.js software developers. They will leverage the following needs: server-side application development, integration of frontend and server-side tools, security implementation, and organizational process improvement.

Hiring a Node js developer, you get a professional who is excellent with Javascript and all stuff related, asynchronous programming, and server-side templating languages ( Jade, EJS, etc). Node.js experts also have their ways around comprehending user authentication and authorization technology together with a clear-cut vision of how cross-platform tools work alongside, optimizing solutions to match.

These IT talents are simply wizards when it comes to developing SPAs that are identified within so many industries ( payment systems, e-Commerce, IoT). They are worth every dollar spent on them. Here you may have a look at Node.js developer salary across the Globe.

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Single-page applications have become one of the major trends in the current web development situation on the market. To hire a dedicated Node.js developer for your project, you leverage the success and future profitable potential of your application. SPA entrusted to a Node js talent ensures the success of your big idea.

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