Exclude These Habits If Working Remotely

Learn how to be more productive at work? Exclude these habits if working remotely.
Submitted by IncludeHelp, on FEB 23, 2022

Whether it is by choice, Global pandemic, or made you do so: working remotely is still working and great outcomes are still expected. Working remotely requires even more strictly disciplined scheduling, otherwise, there is a chance of falling off the productivity wagon.

Not being limited by office walls, still assumes limitations, in particular concerning planning the day and meeting deadlines. This piece of information by no means is aimed at discouraging one from remote working or degrading its benefits. It is more meant to prevent mistakes that may turn a positive image of its working style.

In order to stop that from happening you have to learn to avoid establishing the following habits.

Not having a schedule

Not having a schedule

Scheduling is a big-time crucial since it defines everything. Literally everything. The proper daily organization lets one be productive, stay on the goal, and simply be proud of oneself. Scheduling prevents you from getting into a trap of "oh...I save time on commuting...how come I am late with my tasks?"

When there is a strictly outlined time frame for certain activities that have to be done throughout the day, a person can’t get overwhelmed with how to efficiently have things done and never let the customers/team/company down.

If you learn how to manage time remotely you may even teach others this tricky concept. Everything seems pretty easy, however, there are so many of those who lack that skill. The craft is way more sophisticated. Therefore, get a facebook ad template and let the target clientele know that the new time-management guru was born.

There is also wonderful software that one might benefit from for the day to be planned properly. No matter, whether you have to work certain hours per day, or your work is measured in the exact amount of assignments to be completed, you have the bounty of options to plan every single second beneficially to your personal and professional life.

Not having time to rest

Apparently, if there is a habit of planning time wisely, you may not find yourself in a "no rest" situation. However, even a guru-planner sometimes surrenders to their professional ego and creates expanded working hours, at the expense of his/her free time, family-time, self-time. This approach will assure some success. Yet this is a short-term effect that eventually results in burnout - a dangerous condition that makes one question everything, professional-wise.

Neglecting free time slots in your scheduling should never be sacrificed for the greater good and more productivity. It is when you recharge and replenish your resources both physical and emotional, you get the chance to have a refreshed vision of the most creative working solutions.

Feeling too comfortable

Feeling too comfortable

Yes, no matter how strange it might sound, getting too comfortable with your working condition. When there is no even self-created low dose of pressure, one may develop a slouchy attitude that is only capable of some shallow approaches to the issues to be resolved.

It is not about tormenting yourself for creative solutions. The gist is to still separate work and relax. Even if they promise that it is possible via achieving the balance. However, that very very balance is actually achieved through distinct separation between previously mentioned activities. This will mean no pajamas the moment work starts, no chips on the couch, and no extra cocktail if you work under the palm, where there is always summer.

There must be guidelines, unwritten rules to follow. In the case of remote work breaking the rules will not be a "thinking out of the box". It will be a paved path to sloth.

Neglecting health

Working remotely usually possesses an opportunity to organize one's working day the way the worker likes as long as the work is done. As it’s been mentioned not once there might be smart planning, or "looking like smart", however, it is totally not. Since mostly working from whatever spot you choose to be a working place may feel like you are not putting in all your efforts.

Neglecting health

That beautiful view out of the window, matcha cake, and the drilling thought "Am I too relaxed and that influences my work?". After catching such a thought, or, actually, letting that thought catch you, you will start getting into the mode of " no time for having a healthy meal", since it may seem like occupying too much time in comparison with a pretzel you may consume instead. Exercising may seem like "not possible to insert into a schedule" - late nights do not allow early mornings, and the rest of the day is severely busy.

This is a big "no". Your doing well at work directly depends on how well you feel. Invest in your health, satisfy physical and emotional needs, and pave the path for your even more fruitful working day.


Working remotely indeed offers way more freedom in how the day for the project completion will look like. The main goal is to dispose of that freedom the way, it builds up positive habits and healthy approaches to never-ending assignments.

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