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Google Drive and Its features

Learn: What is Google Drive, what are its features, what are the applications which are used for it and how it can be used for work? This article has complete information about the Google Drive.
By: IncludeHelp, on 24 AUG 2017

Secure information as high as in the cloud! Save it on Google Drive

Of the many provisions that Google has provided for the internet savvy crowd, Google Drive is a great boon to store the artifacts and stash them securely. If 15 GB was available for your use and without any charges, wouldn’t that be a good start to store some of the important documents, photos, videos? So here’s what you need to know about Google Drive – what it has to offer and the process to kick start using it.

Features of Google Drive

  1. The greatest advantage that one enjoys is the mobility to your storage space over Google Drive. Access your files anywhere, anytime with the comfort of your smartphone, handheld devices like iPad, tablet, laptop or desktops.
  2. Get rid of attachments to your emails. Share folders, spreadsheets, and presentations over Google Drive so as to better collaborate and keep track of the changes made by the people with whom it has been shared.
  3. Google Drive is shared and works best with Gmail, Google Photos and you can save incoming email attachments and photos to the drive directly.
  4. Expandable storage space is available for a cost. Monthly plans and annual prepaying plans are available at a nominal cost for additional drive space.
  5. Enhanced search on Google Drive that scans through all of your stored files and picks what you need.
  6. Google Drive is built inside Chromebooks for storing the data. Most Chromebooks come with a 100 GB of free storage for 2 years timeline inherently.
  7. Captures any specific important artifact such as a letter or a receipt through the scanning feature available in Android and converts them to PDF that is instants stored on the Google Drive.

Apps for Google Drive

As an app that easily runs on Smartphone’s and tablets, Google Drive also integrates with other smarter apps to make documentation creation and viewing easier. Here’s a view of what can work with Google Drive to make it smarter:

  1. Google Docs – Supports creating & viewing of word documents
  2. Google Sheets – Supports creating, viewing of spreadsheets
  3. Google Slides – Creating, Viewing of presentation decks
  4. Google Forms – Supports creating surveys and viewing of associated responses
  5. Google Drawings – Laying out of diagrams, flowcharts creating and viewing

Beyond these, many other third party apps for PDF viewing, Photo editing, and Music/ Video playing are also supported. Explore the drive collection and get access to the in numerous apps that can compatibly work with it.

Google Drive for Work

Larger organizations are now switching to Google domain and are leveraging Google Drive for the storage of their company’s assets. A gist of what it offers businesses:

  • Unlimited storage of files, folders and most important backups for a monthly cost of per user.
  • Syncing of files from your business workstations to the Google Drive so as to increase accessibility of official work at anytime and anywhere.
  • Cloud data centers for Work are audited for increased security. Compliance to several security standards are available – like ISO 27001, Safe Harbor Privacy Principle compliance.
  • Team collaboration at work is easily facilitated with Google Drive. Settings to grant specific access to a group of members is easily achievable.
  • Integrates with several smarter apps as above and in addition provisions integration for holding video meetings.
  • Integration with third party apps like DocuSign, SmartSheet facilitate deploying Google Drive for organizations to manage projects and associated documentation.

Phew! This is overwhelming, isn’t it? But this is just an overview to what lies in store. Sign up and see the many other features unfold before you!

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