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Google Drive: Benefits of using this drive

Learn: what is Google Drive and what are the benefits of using Google Drive?
By: IncludeHelp, on 31 AUG 2017

In this world of growing technology, Google has become our dictionary. While this company has made life easy, it did not stop there. When everything was slowly shifting to the base of the internet, it also became one important mode of communication. That’s when emails caught rage and Google came up with its very own mailing system – Gmail. It also allowed us to attach files and folders to send across. But was it feasible and convenient enough? Were you allowed to attach files larger than 25 MB? Was it possible to always have a copy stored on your computer and keep sending edited files back and forth again and again?

Understanding these challenges, Google Drive was introduced – which allowed users to store files and folders using cloud storage. It also allowed you to share documents online, where all the people who have access to it can edit it and the changes are visible live – without having to share the document with multiple audiences again and again.

Why should you use Google Drive?

The top reasons as to why you should shift to this amazing Google Drive is:

  1. Work from anywhere
    You need to edit and send an important document, but you do not have your laptop with you? Worry not – just get the file on Google Drive and access it from anywhere on the go! Use your tablet or smartphone to get into drive and edit the document. Share it instantly with the audience.
  2. It gives access to most forms of storage
    Google Drive is not only restricted to Google documents. PowerPoints, excel sheets, drawing apps – you can access all of these on the drive. You can upload folders on the drive too.
  3. Upload and share instantly
    The best features of Google Drive are the option to upload and share instantly. Once your documents are on the drive, you can share them via an email by attaching them or you can share it instantly from the drive by selecting the share option in the drive. Similarly, you can upload files and folders in your drive either from your computer or the email.
    The files that are shared by you will be visible in ‘your drive’ and the files that other share with you, will be visible in ‘shared with me’ folder.
  4. Utmost safe and high security
    No one has the rights and access to view any of the files and folders that you upload in Google Drive unless you share your login details with them or choose to give them access to the respective files and folders. You will have total control of who can see your files. In fact, the files that you share also can have restrictions. You may choose to give the viewer access to the only view, or only edit and so on.
  5. Google Drive works in most of the existing operating systems
    Be it Mac, Windows or Android, This drive is compatible with all kinds of operating systems and the files and folders will open in the same format it is sent to you. Just have the app downloaded on your smartphone and get access to everything in the drive.
  6. Auto saving and syncing
    Any change that you make in the documents and presentations that are uploaded to the Google Drive will be benefited with the auto save option. You need not worry about saving it. All the changes are real time and if this document is shared with multiple users, the changes will reflect immediately.

Are you still waiting for something? DO not waste more time and start using Google Drive immediately for all your business and personal uses.

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