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Google Drive: Making life simple - how to use, storage?

Learn: How Google Drive is making our life simple, how to use Google Drive for storage and how to use it?
By: IncludeHelp, on 31 AUG 2017

In today’s technologically dependent life, who is far-fetched from the amazing feature of Google – The drive that it provides? Since the amazing Google Drive came into being, people have forgotten physical storages in computers and laptops.

If one had to define Google Drive – it is a cloud based storage space powered by Google. It was introduced as only this option of cloud storage but as it evolved itself as a successful launch, the company did not hesitate in providing more and more features. Today, this wonderful application of Google not only allows a user to store data but is a one stop solution for creating Google documents and sharing them with multiple registered other users.

For those who are still amateur in the world of Google drive, come explore it with the below step wise guide as to how you can easily make this drive your daily activity for storage and creation of basic documents.

1) Setup of Google Account

Yes! This is the first step. The basic rule to access Google Drive is to be registered on Google account. You will get access to the drive as soon as you create your own Google account.

2) Access Drive

Once you create your account, in the latest version of Gmail – you will be able to see a dotted square in the top right corner of the login page. When you click on it, you will be able to see the option of ‘Drive’ which is represented by a logo of Green, yellow and blue triangle. Click on it to enter the world of Google Drive.

3) Create your own folders and files

Upon entering the Google Drive world, you will see an option of ‘create’ on the left side of the page. There are two ways of adding or creating documents to the drive. You can either create them then and there in the drive or you can add them by browsing through your computer files.

In the advanced version of Drive, the ‘create’ option is replaced with ‘New’ and upon clicking on it, you will get all the basic options.

Storage, Search and visibility of files and of folders on the drive


Apart from your Gmail storage, your drive will have its own storage space. Usually, a typical Google Drive account will have 15GB storage by default. You can use all of them and choose to enhance the storage limit too.

The usage and storage space will be visible to a user at any given point in time on the landing page of the drive – just below the options of uploading your files, photos, and the trash folder.

View of documents

Usually, the drive has a quick access bar at the top where all the recent documents will be displayed for easy access. Below that all your folders and documents will be displayed. You can choose to customize the look of your Google Drive just by few clicks.

On the homepage of Google Drive, you will be able to see a rectangle box of small boxes. Upon clicking it, you will see that the look of the folders and files will change into list view and vice versa.

Search option

Looking for a specific file? Use the search option at the top of the drive. Once you begin to type the title, Google will prompt you with the closest matches of the file you may be looking for. You can customize and narrow down your search too – by searching by type of document – PDFs, word documents, presentations and all other formats that drive allows you to make and store.

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