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How do you gain interest in coding?

If you want to become a good programmer, you must be a good coder. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the steps (ways) by following them; you may gain interest in coding.
By: IncludeHelp, on 20 JAN 2017

I see many guys who have taken up Computer Engineering but don't have interest in coding. On the other hand there are some who want to develop interest in coding but they are unable to do so?


Really, I don't know why?

If you are one of them, you should think about it and start focusing your interest in coding (if your education or career field is related to computer program, information technologies).

I am a programmer since last 10+ years and taught different programming languages to many students, as per my experience I'm sharing some ideas, by following them you may be able to gain your interest in coding and you can become a good programmer.

1) Don't read books first

You might be thinking what kind of rubbish I am talking, but I'm right.

If you really want to gain your interest in programming or coding, don't pick the book and start reading.

Then, what you have to do?

  • Open Google and search first program of that language (for example, if you want to learn c language; search "C language first program" or "C program to print Hello World").
  • Copy the entire program and save the program on your system with appropriate extension (for c language, extension will be .c).
  • Now, think about the compiler (complier is a system program that converts code written in any language to its equivalent machine code), search compatible compiler for your operating system, download the compiler and run.
  • Load/open the program within the compiler editor (generally known as IDE), compiler and run the program.
  • Since program is copied, therefore the output will be correct.
  • Now it's time to read from the book or read online, consider first program and write every statement or keywords in a file and read what are those statements and what they do?
  • Let's consider the following first program (written in c language)
  • #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
        printf("Hello world");
        return 0;
  • In this program the terms (statements) to understand are: #include, stdio.h, int main(), printf("Hello world"), return 0;.
  • Understand all terms/statements/keywords.
  • Finally try to make your own program which should be similar to the copied program without any help then compile, run and start experimenting by changing strings, by adding more statement etc.

2) Within few minutes you can start writing your own program, by taking help of the trainer

Definitely, second idea will be very useful to you. Hire an expert and start taking classes, but remember these points:

  • Trainer is able to teach you to write first program (after explaining each statement), compile and run within few minutes but remember you have to gain your interest in coding so keep practicing.
  • Start practicing daily for two and three hours, ask your trainer for daily assignments and solved them on your own. If you feel any difficulty you can clear your doubt from the trainer.
  • Make a soft and hard copy for the solved programs with outputs (for future reference, if you feel any difficulty you can revise).
  • Remember programming syntax is changed but the logics are same, so focus on logic building and try to solve a problem with different methods).

3) Gain your interest by solving online Quizzes

This is the most workable way to gain your coding interest. There are many websites on the interest which provide online quizzes, you can start solving quizzes online and write score on the paper and analyse your progress details daily.

How can you start without completing the course?

  • Don't wait to complete your course, if you have started learning c language two days ago and are able to write programs like adding two numbers, subtracting, printing string in any manner etc that means that you have learned basics of C++, then search for "C language quiz basic input, output".
  • Try to solve the number of question with score.
  • Read the solution of solved and unsolved both type of questions.
  • Define milestones to learn topics and also define final milestone.

4) Be regular

If you want to become a good coder (programmer), you must be regular. Define daily hours to solve assignments and solve the quizzes.

If possible try to increase daily hours (for example first week you gave 2 hours per day, second week you can give 2 hours and 30 minutes per day and so on).

5) Visit forum websites

When you are confident that you can write code, visit forum or other question and answer websites, read the problems asked by the readers and try to solve them on your system. If you succeed publish the solution.

What will be the benefit?

  • Different people have different questions, after solving them you will learn how to solve problems? What are the different ways to solve same problem?
  • You will learn possible errors which you may not have faced while coding.
  • If solution is published by you and people liked your solution you will gain confidence.
  • You will learn actual programming (real world programming) through forum or question and answer websites. Where and how programs are used in the real world.

And finally I would say, programming is based on logic building, if you are strong in solving the problems, designing new and different logics, your programming will be stronger.

So focus on building your logical ability, design your own problem and try to solve it with different methods.

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