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How to become a good programmer.

how to become a good programmer?

The first question arises from everyone why I learn programming?, initially it starts in the syllabus and we have to learn C Language to pass the exam only. I know C Language is very boring, in starting days I also ran away from the C Language but now C Language is just like my beloved I can’t live without doing coding in C Language. I also do code in C++, JAVA, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Android, HTML, CSS and many more technologies. There are lots of interesting technologies which provide easy & Graphical User Interface based environment but C doesn’t. Still I love C Language.

Why I love C Language?

It’s an interesting question why I love C Language even more popular, easy and GUI based languages available in the market.

  • C Language is very easy in comparison to other languages - you know why? Because C Language has only 32 keywords and very easy syntaxes just like English sentences.
  • You do not need to learn lot of header files or packages - In C language you just need to learn 2 or 3 header files to do code. Your 90% coding need to include only 2 or 3 header files like stdio.h, math.h, stdlib.h. By using these libraries you can code and become a good programmer.
  • C is middle level language - In C language you can develop programs for Hardware and User too. It’s contains the features of both kind of programming language – Low level programming languages and High-level programming languages.
  • C has very small and easy program structure - yes of course It has a very small program structure, you just need to include header files, write main () and start coding.

There are lot of features, you can learn them from this website or any other online resource.

What should you have to do?

what should you do?

Decide your Goal

First decide which kind of job you want to prefer, you want to go door and door to sale product, you want to make buildings, you want to run a company or you want to become an actor etc. There are lots of fields in which you can earn more money and fame. In staring programming can’t give more money and fame. Programming is the passion and research kind of work, you have to spend hours to do code yet you will not get what you expected. But after few years of your carrier you can earn more than you expected.

Choose right Programming Language

To become a good programmer of any programming language – you have to learn C programming Language, it is the first step to learn any other programming language, C language can improve your logical power because C does not has much built in functions and you can develop whatever you want here.

You can add two numbers, you can store data permanently, you can design a game, you can design your own program to On/off light etc.

So you to choose C programming Language, once you learn this, you can learn any other programming within days. Because till than you will already a programmer and don’t forget a programmer can do everything.

Make yourself Creative and Logical

If you are not creative and you don’t think about wrong things, if you think that everything is perfect than you can never become a good programmer. You have to make your mind creative, always try to find a different method to solve any problem, if you ever see a program or any design just think about that and try to make it better and attractive, try to optimize the code, design or logic, defiantly one day you will be a the best programmer.

Learning through Teaching or Helping others to Code

This is the best way to enhance and improve your programming capabilities. I meet many programmers who code and don’t share their logic or other coding related things to others. But it is not a good step, you have to help others to do code, you can also teach others what you know. Because when you go to others to teach, you prepare that topic first so that you could not face any difficulty to teach. So start helping other now.

Never think, you learned Everything

Always hungry to learn, no one can learn completely. So always try to learn every time, everywhere from everywhere.

Publish your code/programs to others

Always help to others by publishing your programs/code. So that others can learn by taking help of your code and always give support to your code. You can help your colleagues in their project related work.

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