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How to check Google Indexed Pages without any tool?

Trick to check Google Indexed Pages

Google Indexed Pages: Google Indexing is the process used by Google Crawlers. Google Crawlers crawl the website and update in Google Search Database. Google Crawlers are the programs introduced by Google that run on your website.They crawl your webpage and update webapeg URL in Google Search Database with related keywords.

So, you want to know how many pages of your website have been indexed in Google. It's not a difficult process; it can be done using Web Browser's Address Bar.

Here I am showing you how to know number of Google Indexed pages? You have to type "site:" before your website URL and hit the enter key.


For Example:


check google indexed pages

Google will display all pages of your website that have been Indexed with number of total Indexed Pages.

how to check google indexed pages

Till date, we have 473 Google Indexed pages.

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