How to fix missing DLL file error in Windows?

In this article, we are going to learn How to fix missing DLL file error in Windows?
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Those missing DLL files have troubled every PC user. The Windows PC users learn about these files when they face the .dll file is missing error. This error pops up mostly when you are trying to open a program, a file, or installing new software. It is a frustrating error because many people don't know how to solve it!

You aren't the only user who faces this error if it has troubled you recently. Millions of other people encounter the same problem every day. Most of the time this type of errors means a .dll file is missing. Continue reading to learn methods of solving DLL file errors!

What is a .dll file?

A DLL or Dynamic Link Library is a library of instructions shared by two or more programs. Each program on your computer is divided into several modules. The .dll files contain those modules, especially the most commonly used models among programs.

A DLL file enables code reuse and code modularization. It also lowers disk space and makes the most efficient use of the available memory. This type of files is important to run programs more efficiently on a computer. The .dll files are not independent files like .exe files, therefore running programs explicitly call them.

Why do you face .dll file missing errors?

DLL files make code sharing quite simple between programs. However, they also come with some unique issues, which trouble most of the users.

There are many programs on your PC using the same DLL files. They develop a dependency on these files. If a program changes the content of the file or deletes it, other relying programs will face trouble. Other programs, which have developed a dependency of the changed or deleted DLL file, will stop running. 

Such a situation can occur in the following conditions:

  • When a program upgrades a particular .dll file.
  • A program deletes the .dll file.
  • The shared .dll file is repaired by a dependent program.
  • A program overwrites the dependent .dll file.

Such kind of .dll conflicts causes the .dll file missing error. There are some effective solutions you can try to resolve this kind of errors.

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How to fix the DLL file error?

You can try the following solutions to resolve DLL file errors quickly:

Restart your PC:

The simplest solution you can try to fix the error is restarting your computer. Many users face the .dll file is missing error due to cache problems. You should restart your computer and your PC will resolve the issue.

Sometimes users are unable to restart their PCs because of the missing .dll files. Therefore, it requires a Force Restart to resolve the issue. Use the button given on the computer case to restart your system and resolve the error.

Retrieve the deleted file:

Many users accidentally delete the important .dll files. If that happened to you, you should retrieve the deleted file. Search for the missing file in the recycle bin and restore it. If you have cleaned the recycle bin, use deleted file restoration software to find it.

There are many programs available on the internet, which can find and restore permanently deleted files. Get the best software for your needs and use it to retrieve the deleted .dll file.

Download the missing .dll file:

Many web portals serve only for solving DLL file errors. You should use the most trusted source to download the missing .dll file. Be careful when trying this solution because many websites inject malware through such files. Use only a trusted platform to download the required .dll file and use it to run the required program.

Get the missing .dll file from another PC:

It is another effective fix for your problem. Find another system similar to your Windows system. Search for the missing .dll file and copy it to your PC. Paste the file on the same location and then try to run the program. This fix will work and you can install or open the required program on your PC.

Final thoughts:

DLL file errors are frustrating but not unsolvable! We have shared several effective solutions for solving DLL file errors. Try a suitable fix to resolve the issue quickly and complete the required operation on your PC.

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