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How to promote a website - Tips and Tricks to promote your website free.

Website promotion is not so tough task it’s very easy like open and drink soft drink; you can promote your website by spending few hours with patience. In this article I am going to tell you how to promote your website free and gain more genuine and targeted visitors on your website.

promote your website free

Tips and Tricks (Methods) to Promote Your Website Free

Before promoting...

You should know what to complete before promoting your website


Your website should contain good ON Page SEO - That contains PAGE TITLE, META TAGS, good and descriptive DESCRIPTION, single H1, two H2 and other tags. Website page (that you want to promote) should contain good, unique and fresh content, content should not be less. If possible use images within the page with proper and related ALT text (use keywords as ALT text).
Notice the following points too:

  • Make keywords bold, italic and underline i.e. highlight keywords.
  • Avoid on page CSS styles, link CSS file to the page do not include styles in the page.
  • Check robots.txt file that promoting page is not restricted to crawl.
  • Check length of the TITLE and META DESCRIPTION tag, length should match the Google guidelines; here is the Google Guide for SEO.
  • Webpage name should not contain spaces, use keyword on which you created the page. You should use dash (-) instead of spaces in page name, page name should not be lengthy.
  • Link your website’s other pages to this page on related keywords or sentences.


I already told you, "content should be good, unique and fresh." As other SEO Experts says that "content is king". It's really very true; visitors visit your website to read contents only so focus on your content. Make it correct, meaningful, quality and related to the page.

These two points are most important and cover almost all points related to ON Page SEO.


You created your website/ webpage with good quality content and ON Page SEO, now it’s time to put you website in front of the audience, but how will you do that if you don’t have more traffic/readers on your website.

Here are the some tips, tricks or website by following them you can promote your website, you can serve you content to the audience.

1) Guest Posting on Popular Websites

You should have to active on popular websites which are related to your website or webpage, for an example - if you are writing topic related to computer programming language, let suppose you have written an article “How to compile a C program in Linux Ubuntu?”, if should write a guest post for those websites which are providing content on C programming, Linux ( for example: www.c-sharpcorner.com, www.bytes.com etc).

You have to write different or less content for the same topic and post it to that website with link of your website’s actual article. (For example - Full article on How to compile C program in Linux Ubuntu - Make hyperlink with the sentence to your website).

2) Leave BackLink of Your Website/Webpage on Question and Answer and Forum Websites

It’s another but effective way to promote your website to get traffic fast. Go to the forum or Questions and Answer websites like stackoverflow.com, quora.com and search for related question on which you have written the page, answer the question correctly (remember answer should be correct and you are not breaking respective website’s privacy policy or you are not spamming their great service with nonsense or meaningless links) and leave a links under reference.

3) Keep updated your audience with latest published pages through mailing list

Create a mail list of those readers who are interested to receive your mail letter (you can list mail through subscribing readers for new updates) and send them mail with links of new published pages with short description.

4) Social Media Promotion

Promote your website on social media (like facebook, twitter, dig, pinterest) etc with tagging related keywords. These websites provides natural and huge traffic. Create page for your website on facebook, twitter and other and post newly published contents with the website/webpage link. To attract more traffic use images with the post.

5) Publish your website on other websites that provide free website promotion

There are lot of websites that provide free website promotion; they submit your website to all search engines like Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo etc. Submit your website on such kind of websites, List of top websites that provide Website Promotion and Submitting websites to the Search Engines:

→ www.includehelp.com/free-website-promotion.aspx

Our website is also providing FREE Website Promotion by creating separate page for your website/business. But I recommend follow all above written steps first to promote your website after finishing them you can submit your website here.

There are also few things to do with your website like Directory Listing, Local Business Listing, Posting your Website on Classified websites but for me they didn’t gain much traffic. So I would recommend to follow 5 points given above, they really work.

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