How to Write Your First Code Dissertation for the College?

Here, we are going to learn how to write your first code dissertation for the college?
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Writing your first code dissertation would certainly not be an easy task, considering you have no experience of writing one whatsoever. There are plenty of aspects you must keep in mind while writing your code dissertation, not just to write a detailed and well-established article but also to write one that is easy to read while including the necessary jargon.

However, this task can become much easier if you follow a step-by-step pattern. Here's how you can write a great code dissertation on your first try.

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Plan your paper

Starting work on your code and your paper without any plan of action will only result in a waste of time later on. Instead of running around in circles and making unnecessary mistakes, plan how you're going to go about writing your paper.

Create a document and list down all you feel is necessary to make your paper credible and well-written. Think of any limitations or weaknesses your dissertation may have and find ways to fix those that you can.

Having this document with you will help you throughout your dissertation work as you'll have a written plan to follow and avoid adding unnecessary steps to your code as well as your paper writing.

Take time to formulate your thesis proposal

Your thesis proposal would be the foundation of your entity study, making it extremely important for you to spend time fixing any loopholes or errors that could later weaken your dissertation. A good thesis proposal must include:

  • The problem to be discussed in the thesis
  • Research that has already been done on the problem
  • Software needed for the study
  • The primary and secondary goals of the study
  • An overview of the study to be conducted
  • A bibliography

Start working on each of these elements in the sequence they have been mentioned. You might encounter a few difficulties while writing a proposal, but it's better to spend time solidifying the proposal before you move on to the actual writing work.

Seek for help with your dissertation

You have your thesis proposal and your chapter outline ready, but you're worried that you might not be able to do justice while writing your dissertation. If you're someone who is not confident about their writing or feel that it could be done better by someone else, you don't have to worry at all.

Since you already have your ideas and proposal in a written format, you could always hire a professional writer. If you're a college student and need help with your complex assignments, EduBirdie is always there to help you with your writing tasks. All you need to do is contact them and say, "help me write my dissertation" and you'll be taken through a seamless process where you can tell a professional writer exactly how you want your dissertation to be. Based on that, you'll get an output that will match, if not exceed, your expectations.

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Create a list of chapters and their components

Having a list of all things you wish to cover in the dissertation will ensure that you don't forget any bit that you thought of before. In many cases, missing a component could weaken the arguments made and the solutions that are given. For this reason, you must create an outline of chapters along with each chapter's components.

This outline should be considered temporary as along the way, you might feel the need to add or remove certain chapters or subchapters. However, getting this outline ready before you start writing your paper can save you a lot of time later.

Revise and improve your dissertation

Publishing the dissertation work as your own demands you to take responsibility and revise your paper until you feel it is absolutely perfect. Go back to your list and check if the loopholes and errors you discussed have been solved. If you notice any new ones showing up, fix them.

Revise twice by yourself and then run it through another person. This will help you get your paper evaluated by another pair of eyes, which could bring out errors you didn’t notice on your own. This will only add to your article and improve it even further.


Writing your first dissertation is a trying task, but the mistakes you make here will only help you improve even further. Work hard on mitigating mistakes that you see and accept and learn from those you didn't. Following these steps will ensure that you submit a dissertation that meets not only your expectations but also your teacher's.

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