Most Used Languages for Mobile App Development

Here, we are going to learn about the most used languages for mobile app development.
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Most Used Languages for Mobile App Development (1)

The need for mobile applications continues to increase. Due to the increasing number of people working in the app development industry, there is a huge demand for experienced developers. Many small and large companies are hiring people to build their apps.

Being a part of mobile development services has been a lucrative job for a long time. It started with Nokia and J2ME but eventually flourished when the iPhone and Android came.

Many programming languages are unsuitable for every project, and choosing the right one for your needs can aid you in becoming a more versatile developer. Besides being able to create apps for iOS and Android, selecting the right programming language can also help you become a more complete developer.

If you are planning on becoming a mobile app developer in the future, then this is the place for you. We have listed the most popular programming languages you should choose to start your career.

5 Most Used Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

There are a lot of choices for aspiring app developers when it comes to choosing the right language to start with when it comes to developing their apps. For instance, you can use Java or Kotlin to develop Android apps, while Swift can be used to create iOS apps for both iPad and iPhone.

This section will familiarize you with the various programming languages available for mobile app development. After that, you can choose the appropriate programming language for your app development.

1. Java Language

Java is a powerful and widespread programming language used to create various applications. Although it is mainly used for creating server-side applications, it can also be used for developing mobile apps.

Learning Java offers many benefits for people who want to become full-stack developers. In addition to being able to create Android apps, you can also build a back-end in Java.

Most Used Languages for Mobile App Development (1)

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is the most prevalent language on the web. Due to the emergence of frameworks, such as React.js, JQuery, and Svelte, it has become more popular. Learning JavaScript is also better than staying away from the web entirely.

If you are not using React.jS or angular JS, other libraries are based on JavaScript, such as jquery.js, the most popular client-side validation engine. This is great learning material.

What Can You Create with JavaScript?

With JavaScript, you can create a variety of applications. It includes:

  • Web apps
  • Back-end servers
  • Mobile apps

It is a full-stack development language used to build front-end and back-end applications.

3. Kotlin Programming Language

If you plan to develop mobile apps in the future, you should consider learning Kotlin programming language. It is regarded as the next big thing in the world of programming.

Although most people prefer Java, there is also a lot of fan of Kotlin, as it has native support. Some of the most favored open-source tools for Android development, such as Android Studio and IDEA, support Kotile.

What is Kotlin's Edge Over Other Languages?

Although touted as the next generation of Java, Koltlin is not yet ready to be used in mainstream applications. Its compilation speed is slower than that of Java. The most significant advantage of learning Kotlin is that it is the official language for developing Android apps, and Google will continue promoting it.

4. Swift Programming Language

If you intend on developing apps for iOS devices, such as the iPad and iPhone, then learning Swift is a must.

The Swift language is the preferred programming language for developing iOS apps. It is also the official language for iOS, making it very easy to learn.

5. Dart Programming Language

Google released the open-source programming language "Dart" in 2011. It is commonly used for both server-side and client-side web development. It can also be used for Cross-platform mobile development. The language uses a "C" style syntax and compiles it into JavaScript.

Why is it Recommended?

One of the most fundamental reasons experts recommend learning how to code in Dart is that it is straightforward to create cross-platform apps. With the help of the language, you can easily develop apps designed to run across various platforms.

Final Thoughts

These are the five best programming languages that will help you develop apps in the upcoming years. You can choose from a broad range of options when choosing a language, but we recommend learning Java or JavaScript, as these are both mainstream languages that will allow you to develop apps. You can also command a higher salary as a full-stack developer.

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