The Ultimate Guide to Buying Instagram Followers and Likes: Top 10 Websites Reviewed

By Phanjakidze Zako Last updated : June 17, 2024

If you are searching for a way to jump-start your Instagram marketing, grow your account, or become famous on Instagram, you should consider buying followers. Buying followers can enhance your credibility and social proof. This can also be a good way of attracting organic engagement and unlocking exciting opportunities for your Instagram account.

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Importance of Increasing Your Instagram Followers

There are several reasons why Instagram followers are essential. These include:

  • Boost your brand's credibility. Many followers are essential in making your brand appear more reliable and credible. By buying Instagram followers, you can position your brand to appear more legit. Users will believe you have an extensive loyal following and are, therefore, more likely to trust your brand.
  • Better visibility and engagement. A large following can increase your reach and impressions. A high number of followers means a more significant reach and impression.
  • Become an influencer. A critical factor that brands consider when searching for an influencer is the number of followers and engagement levels in your account. A high engagement level increases your chances of becoming an Instagram influencer.
  • Increase your reach. Instagram will show your posts to your followers first. That means if you have many followers, your posts will also be shown to more people.

Our Review Of The Top 10 Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

After much research, we established that these are some of the best sites for buying Instagram followers. These are:

1. SocialGreg

If you are an Instagram influencer seeking to build an authentic following in your Instagram community, you should buy followers from SocialGreg. The site offers customized packages that meet your needs. By ordering from SocialGreg, you can be assured of real new followers without the risk of spammy or low-quality followers.

SocialGreg delivers active followers with a regular account, a profile picture, an Instagram bio, and account activity within a few hours of ordering. It also has attentive customer service that ensures a smooth buying experience.

Why you should buy

  • High-quality but affordable packages.
  • Delivers followers fast.
  • Unmatched customer service.
  • Automatic refills.

What to know before buying

  • Your account must be public.

2. Mixx

Another site that we highly recommend for buying Instagram followers is Mixx. The platform has some of the most affordable packages, allowing you to buy from as little as 100 views for $0.89. Even better, a free trial period gives you a sense of their services. When you order followers from Mixx, you can expect genuine followers to be delivered within a few hours.

One of many concerns when buying Instagram followers is the security of your account. Since Mixx doesn't require your password, you can be assured that your account remains safe and secure.

Why you should buy

  • Sells real IG followers.
  • Affordable followers.
  • Delivers fast and organically.
  • Super responsive customer service.

What to know before buying

  • Your email and username will be needed to use the service.

3. SubscriberZ

Since 2017, SubsciberZ has been selling high-quality followers at an affordable price. You can, therefore, boost your social presence with real followers who engage with your content. The site uses the Instagram algorithm to deliver followers, following the algorithm’s guidelines and policies. You can, therefore, be assured that Instagram won't flag your account.

Instead of delivering fake followers, they work with various groups in your niche, running contests requiring people to like and follow your page to win prizes. This ensures that you get genuine followers in your niche. Such followers also ensure that your account is safe and not manipulated by the Instagram algorithm. If you are stuck with an issue, SubscriberZ has a dedicated team of professionals ready to assist you.

Why you should buy

  • Sell real followers at an affordable price.
  • Safe and discreet to order followers from.
  • Fast but organic delivery of followers.
  • 24/7 customer service.

What to know before buying

  • The site isn't beautiful or user-friendly.

4. Buzzoid

Another service provider that is regularly mentioned in the field of buying Instagram followers is Buzzoid. The service providers also offer a wide range of Instagram services, such as likes, comments, views, and followers. They have a user-friendly website that makes the buying process easy and efficient. However, the quality of their followers cannot be trusted, as they add no engagement to your account.

Why consider buying

  • Easy ordering process.
  • User-friendly site.

Why you shouldn't buy

  • Followers will drop.
  • Doesn’t offer a refill guarantee.

5. Views 4 You

With Views 4 You, you can buy Instagram followers in a few steps. You only need to provide your Instagram url and email address. You don't need to provide any password or other sensitive information. When you order from the site, you can expect the followers to be delivered within 3 days. While this is considerably good, there are sites such as SocialGreg that deliver better quality followers within hours.

Why consider buying

  • Will deliver followers within 3 days.
  • Safe and secure site to order from.

Why you shouldn't buy

  • Poor customer service.
  • Low-quality followers.

6. I Likes

Another service provider you can consider is I Likes. To buy followers from the site, you only need to enter your Instagram URL. Then, you can select the best Instagram package you need and get started. The site offers affordable packages that are in line with other service providers. However, many online reviews say their followers drop after a few days.

Why consider buying

  • Only need your IG url to order followers.
  • Variety of affordable packages.

Why you shouldn’t buy

  • Followers delivered by bots.
  • Doesn’t have a refill guarantee.


Stormlikes offers packages starting from as little as $2.99 for 100 followers. While there are sites with better prices, this is also considerably good. The site suggests they start delivering followers within a few hours of ordering. Judging from the feedback from previous customers, they deliver fake followers with no people following them. The followers don't engage your account and only increase your numbers.

Why consider them

  • Packages as little as $3.
  • Deliver little by little.
  • Easy to navigate site.

Why you shouldn't buy

  • Poor quality followers.
  • Lots of negative reviews.

8. Viralyft

A common problem with buying Instagram followers from Viralyft is that the number of followers tends to drop after some time. This can be attributed to Instagram removing fake followers. Therefore, you should know if you choose to order from them. While the site has affordable packages and delivers relatively fast, you need to decide if you are comfortable with the number of followers later coming down.

Why consider buying

  • Delivers relatively fast.
  • Respond to customer queries within 7 days.

Why you shouldn't buy

  • Followers get removed by Instagram.
  • There is no refill for removed followers.

9. Poprey

Poprey has been in business for the past two years, selling various Instagram services like likes, views, followers, and story views. While the site is legit, the quality of its followers has been questioned. Many previous users claim they deliver bot followers.

According to previous customers, the followers only add to your numbers while bringing no meaningful engagement. They also have random names from Russia and India and none from the US or UK. When you order from them, they promise to deliver followers from your country, which is false. Many previous users are forced to delete their followers because they can affect their audience.

Why consider buying

  • A one-stop shop for all Instagram services.
  • Does not require a password or private details to buy.

Why you shouldn't buy

  • Their followers drop after some time.
  • Poor customer service.

10. Super Viral

With packages costing as little as $0.1, Super Viral offers some of the most affordable packages, which compares well with SocialGreg. When you order from them, they begin delivering followers after 24 hours. This isn't good, especially because services such as Mixx start delivering within minutes. Even worse is that they don't bother to inform you of the progress of your order. When you contact them, you get generic responses from bots.

Why consider buying

  • Affordable packages for as little as $01.
  • Delivers within 24 hours.

Why you shouldn't buy

  • Poor customer service.
  • Bot followers.

Faqs On Buying Instagram Likes

Which is the best site for buying Instagram likes?

If you want genuine followers and likes, we recommend buying from SocialGreg. They sell followers and likes that are within the Instagram rules and guidelines.

Which are the most affordable sites for buying Instagram services?

If you need affordable services for Instagram likes, we recommend Mixx. Their packages cost less than $1.

How safe is it to buy Instagram likes or followers?

Buying Instagram followers from a site like SubscriberZ that uses Instagram-approved methods is safe.

Final Thought

Before you buy Instagram followers, you need to research services to ensure that you only buy from reputed services that deal with genuine followers. If you are wondering where to find such services, we recommend trying SocialGreg, SubscriberZ, and Mixx. These will help with the organic growth of your IG account without posing a risk to it.

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