Top 5 SEO methods to increase the domain authority of a website with minimum effort

In this article, we are going to learn about some of the SEO methods that will help you to increase the domain authority with minimum effort.
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There are multiple factors that Google counts when determining the ranking of the website on a search engine. One of those factors is domain authority which has taken importance over the years. Domain authority is rough measures the authority of your website. It is a numerical rate maintained by the internet company which is called Moz. It shows the quality of the website with the relevance of the links that are generated over the span of time.

Top 5 SEO methods to increase the domain authority

When the links of the profile of your or other website changes, the DA number also fluctuates. If you look at the standalone number of domain authority, it might not make sense. Therefore, it is always seen in comparison to other websites. There are probably more than 200 factors that Google algorithm uses while rating any website in search engines. Traffic numbers and conversion rates are directly proportional to the DA score.

How domain authority is computed?

There are methods by which domain authority is computed. For example, how many external links are present on the website? The quality of the published content also determines the score. How well socially connected is your website and of course, it's optimization. Optimization includes factors like its good equipment with mobile devices etc.  You can use website authority checker tools available online for free to get better computing results related to domain authority.

What is a good score for a domain authority?

As clarified above that multiple factors play a huge role when computing the domain authority. There is different score for every kind of website.

For instance, Apple, Microsoft, and Google have a score in the range of 95-100. Newer and smaller websites have a score of 10-20. Keep in mind that score helps you determine the position of the website in search engines.

SEO tips on how to improve the domain authority of a website

1) Review the backlinks

Google likes websites with a number of links to a variety of sites, particularly if they come from an authoritative external website. This will credit the website if you have a bunch of useful ones and it will penalize your website if you have a lot of really bad ones. And you're going to have to make sure your backlinks are ample but also are of high-quality.

That looks like you've got to do a link review. So, pull out an SEO tool like Ahrefs' backlink checker or prepostseo and type it in your domain. The tool will have to go through all your inbound links and give you a wide range of information about them, including DA ratings. Take a close look at your external links and concentrate on those from pages with a DA below Forty. These are the ones you 're going to want to dig deeper.

Take a glance at the importance of the site, the reliability of its content, and how it ties to your web page. You can remove any of these links with the Google Disavow Tool because they damage the performance of the website online. Google disregards those inbound links when creating SERPs when you do this. While it's not the perfect solution, it's going to improve your website.

2) Get good quality links

Inbound links are one of the most significant search engine ranking variables. Ahrefs also estimated that almost 100% of websites don't get relevant traffic because they really don't have a backlink profile. So, having backlinks is important to your site. Obtaining high-quality backlinks is essential if you're looking for a professional website.

To get more inbound links, use the Analytics tool to find your top source websites. Study similar examples to your top referrers and get backlinks to them by making, roundup pages, comments, sharing, or blogging guests on their site.

You could also look at your competing websites and see where their inbound links are coming from. Intend to get links from those pages, too.

3) Choose a good name for domain

If you are just having started out, then choose a web domain that is relevant to your website. Take a close look at the site, Prepostseo as an example, this website deals mainly with the WordPress SEO plugin, which describes why we have the term 'SEO' in our domain:

It's supposed to be something that's pretty easy to recall, so people won't have any problems coming back to the website because they overlooked your domain name. You might even want to find an old domain so you wouldn't have to age the domain. When you already have a domain, make sure it does not expire early by updating it for at minimum three to five years.

4) Optimize your websites

One of the aspects that Moz uses to determine your DA is the structure of your site. The simpler it is, the quicker it can be indexed and included in SERPs by Google. A layout is a kind of roadmap for your official site, assisting search engines to rapidly index the most relevant pages.

The second part of your website structure that impacts your DA is how quickly people to use it. And since many people are using their mobile devices to access the Internet, it makes perfect sense to optimize your website with mobile devices. Verify that it works correctly on smartphones, that it loads swiftly, and offers the same experience as a computer user.

5) Increase social links

DA PA score also depends upon the social presence of the website. Social media interaction and mentions play a very important role in the domain authority score of the website. Social media options can directly be introduced on blogs.

6) Web page optimization on one page

User experience can be highly improved by optimizing the web page. Some of the factors that work really well include are the following:

Subheading and heading really improve the look of the content. Optimized Title and description also play a huge role. Proper keywords should also be added to the content. External links as mentioned earlier significantly enhances the DA score.


All of these aspects can be utilized in the content to improve the domain authority of the website. These are simple steps and very convenient. For example, backlinks can be easily generated by using tools like prepostseo and duplichecker. These programs can also be used to verify the harmful links. Authentic and useful backlinks are highly significant to rank the website higher in search engines.

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