Top 5 Websites for Learning JavaScript in 2024

In this article, we are going to get familiar with some of the best websites that are found on the internet for comprehending JavaScript one of the hottest programming languages till date due to it's large no. of applications, which involves being a client-side programming language. By Deepak Dutt Mishra Last updated : March 28, 2024

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript or JS is a high-level programming language, developed by Brendan Eich of Ecma International thus also known as ECMAScript in 1995 and is considered as one of the core technologies (others being HTML and CSS) essential for the World Wide Web.

Why You Should Learn JavaScript?

JavaScript helps in making web pages interactive and dynamic which makes it essential addition among web applications. Nowadays, almost every website and web applications use JavaScript and almost every web browser has a dedicated JavaScript engine embedded in them.

To master JavaScript and other programming languages, check out courses on the top online learning platforms to ensure a comprehensive and effective learning experience.

Though, initially intended for the purpose for improving web applications its vast properties were explored and then, later on, people recognised if we could embed it into host software then it could be used for many purposes server-side programming in web servers, databases, in word processors etc. and in runtime environment which let’s JavaScript to script mobile and web applications and many more. JavaScript does have its own I/O, graphics, storage etc. that is why it relies on the environment in which it is embedded into.

Top 5 Websites for Learning JavaScript

1. Pluralsight

Top 5 websites for learning JavaScript | Pluralsight

Founded by Bill Williams, Fritz Onion, Aaron Skonnard, Keith Brown in the year 2004. Pluralsight is a public online education service which aims at educating software developers, creative individuals, IT professionals etc. to develop a variety of skills through its large range of video tutorials. This site is considered best for newly established companies to as one can keep track of the progress of a whole team with a great progress tracker which even helps to cover the loopholes you have to excel at corporate industries.


2. Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)

Top 5 websites for learning JavaScript | Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)

This is an evolving learning platform which provides users with various web technologies and the software powering the internet. It consists of a very large community which not only helps but motivates you to learn more and implement something that can help the future. Not only this but also they help in the provision of information for the development of projects in the open along with the knowledge of all Mozilla’s project and how can you contribute to them.


3. Code Academy

Top 5 websites for learning JavaScript | Code Academy

Founded by Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski in 2011, it is an online premium free website which provides courses especially for 12 programming languages along with HTML and CSS. The languages included are Ruby, Python, and JavaScript etc. The site provides free coding classes and videos. If one pays some specified then one can get live projects, expert’s advice and many more.


4. W3Schools

Top 5 websites for learning JavaScript | W3Schools

Owned by Refnes Data launched in the year 1998, W3Schools is a popular website for the purpose of learning web technologies online. Its tutorials include written contents for understanding and then onsite implementation using its own ‘try it yourself’ tool. Some of the technologies whose tutorials can be found here are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP, Node.js, etc.



Top 5 websites for learning JavaScript |

Founded by Sourabh Hooda and Gaurav Gupta, is an education website which rather than providing its own content about various programming and designing aspects as well as some more contents. It aggregated best tutorials from the internet based on user review and content and brought them on a single place, so that one does not have search a lot in the net and will get every course and tutorial in one place thus, saving a lot of time which was the intention of the founders as they also faced the same problem when they were learning.


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