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Top 5 Websites for Learning Python

To learn about top 5 websites for learning, testing and honing up skills for individuals who aspire to learn python, know basic python or are python developers. These websites will cover all aspects for all type of python aspirants like beginners, intermediaries or developers etc.
Submitted by Deepak Dutt Mishra, on July 08, 2018

Python is a multi-utility high-level language (programming as well as a scripting language) first introduced in the year 1991 designed by ‘Guido Van Rossum’, and was named after ‘Monty Python’ which was a very famous British Comedy group of their time. Python emphasizes code readability as it supports simple English language and follows the offside rule which means each block’s function depends on the indentation of that functional block. It supports various programming paradigms like object-oriented programming, procedural programming, functional programming, etc. Python consists of a very comprehensively large library and has a very large range of interpreters which makes it functional in almost every operating system. Among the various implementations of this language, the most commonly used version is ‘CPython’ which is an open source software and has a community-based development model and is monitored by ‘Python Software Foundation’. It is used in GIS programming not only this but this language supports chips at ‘Intel’ but also powers a powerful social media ‘Instagram’ and even development of games using ‘PyGame’ library.

1) Tutorials Point

Top 5 Websites for Learning Python | tutorialspoint

This site is one of the best sites for novice coders to start learning python as they consist of some of the most comprehensive courses for learning python from scratch up to intermediates level but it also covers some of the advanced parts like a database, CGI, GUI design, game design, GUI design etc. The stand out feature is the provision of test the code window in the site itself so that one can run the code in the browser itself.

Link: https://www.tutorialspoint.com/python/index.htm

2) Codementor.io

Top 5 Websites for Learning Python | Codementor

This site is for intermediaries and expert programmers who already have some handful knowledge of the language. Though there could be small bits of details and materials for beginners to learn scattered along the website. The post on this site whenever posted always covers a new topic of specific focus and importance like the addition of git authors, implementation along with node.js, and many more.

Link: https://www.codementor.io/collections/learn-python-bwbc63ulz

3) Code Academy

Top 5 Websites for Learning Python | Code Academy

Started in the year 2012 by Alex Vazquez, Tim Sabat, Chris Coyier is an online coding community for various front-end and web developers which provides a social development environment. Where a user can test and showcase their web projects and share their code snippets for others to use. This platform is very useful as one can learn many new things by solving problems others are facing.

Link: https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-python

4) Python.org

Top 5 Websites for Learning Python | python

The official site designed by the Python Software Foundation for various python aspirants to learn and implement the language. The site offers downloads of all required applications for learning with introduction towards a very interactive and helpful community among various documentation and learn application development using python using its various and large set of libraries.

Link: https://www.python.org/

5) The Python Challenge

Top 5 Websites for Learning Python | The Python Challenge

If you are one who wants to test their python programming skills than this site is right up your alley as this site as suggested by its name provides us with various python riddles, questions, and challenges. The great feature of this site is that it provides such challenges in the form of creative games which are fun to solve. For solving these problems various modules can also be found on the site. Though the design of the site is a bit ugly but good for testing your programming skills as it provides 33 levels to master.

Link: http://www.pythonchallenge.com/

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