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Top 5 Websites for Learning Web Designing and Web Development

Learn: In this we are going to learn about top 5 websites from where one can learn web designing i.e. including HTML-5 , CSS-5 , Bootstrap , j-Query , Java-Script , PHP-5 , XML , server-side programming etc.
Submitted by Deepak Dutt Mishra, on June 16, 2018

Top 5 Websites for Learning Web Designing and Web Development

Due to an increase of digitization throughout the globe, there has been a huge uprise in the requirements of computers in various fields where it has laid its root upon, but with the increase in technology and advancement of computers, there are various purposes for which computers are used i.e. E-commerce, Learning sources, etc. We people are the one who uses the internet for our conveniences. The purpose of using internets is fulfilled by websites which are nothing but the user interface between the users and the servers. The websites primary function is to make a server visually aesthetic and appealing to users to more frequently visit that site ( short for “website”), but a website should not be only aesthetic but responsive and easy to use.

For understanding the need of website designing it is important to know in the first hand is that a website designer’s work is to provide the user interface to a server-side or a back-end application. In simpler words or in layman’s terminology a web designer is like a model to a fashion designer where a fashion designer is a web developer. Imagine there are two websites namely ‘A’ and ‘B’. Let us assume that the website ‘A’ has more precise information about some list of issues say ‘y’ but the website publisher didn’t pay much attention to the visual effects of the website and publishes it into the internet. If there is no other option for the user to go elsewhere he/she will visit that site. But if imagine there is another website ‘B’ which is working on the same information ‘y’ but instead of data the publisher asked the developer or the designer to make it visually pleasing then irrespective of the amount of data the users will prefer website ‘B’ because not only it will look good it will be well organised and easy to use. As everything will be arranged as per the comfort of the user.

1) W3Schools

Top 5 Websites for Learning Web Designing and Web Development - w3schools

Owned by a technocratic company Refnes Data based on Sandnes, Norway is a website intended for the purposes of teaching and helping various aspiring web developers to learn various web technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Node JS, XML, AJAX etc.

Link: https://www.w3schools.com/

2) TreeHouse

Top 5 Websites for Learning Web Designing and Web Development - treehouse

Started in October 2011 by Alan Johnson and Ryan Carson based on Orlando, the United States of America intended as a startup which started well. Treehouse consists of various courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels in a variety of disciplines like web development, web designing, game development, mobile app development etc. under a group highly trained professionals.

Link: https://teamtreehouse.com/

3) CodePen

Top 5 Websites for Learning Web Designing and Web Development - codepen

Started in the year 2012 by Alex Vazquez, Tim Sabat, Chris Coyier is an online coding community for various front-end and web developers which provides a social development environment. Where a user can test and showcase their web projects and share their code snippets for others to use. This platform is very useful as one can learn many new things by solving problems others are facing.

Link: https://codepen.io/

4) Lynda

Top 5 Websites for Learning Web Designing and Web Development - lynda

Founded by Lynda Weinman in the 1995 Lynda is a child organization of LinkedIn Corporation whose function is similar to that of Treehouse that is it provides interactive video courses for various wen enthusiasts to learn all about web development that is required.

Link: https://www.lynda.com/

5) Tutsplus

Top 5 Websites for Learning Web Designing and Web Development - tutsplus

An interactive website consisting of various tutorials, video lectures, how-tos, ebooks etc. associated with learning various aspects of web development and various other languages available to users in various languages.

Link: https://tutsplus.com/

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